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Power and water construction services 

Explore the services we offer to help residential, commercial and municipal contractors connect new or upgraded facilities to SRP power and water services.

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All power and water projects must be submitted, reviewed and managed through the SRP Construction Project Plan Portal. Click below to create a new account or log in to access existing projects. For questions or support, give us a call at (602) 236-0777(602) 236-0777.

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Explore our services

We provide a variety of services to help customers with their construction projects. Here are some of the most commonly requested services we can assist you with:

  • New residential and commercial electric service
  • Temporary electric service for construction worksites or other purposes
  • Service entrance section (SES) meter panel upgrades, replacement and revisions
  • Underground service repairs
  • Temporarily disconnecting and moving overhead power lines
  • Pole removal
  • Water engineering for SRP irrigation facilities in conflict with your development plans
  • Information about easements, leasing and licensing for SRP-owned land
  • Point of feed/request for communications projects for cell and communications companies to initiate new projects

Water engineering for construction projects

If you are working near SRP irrigation facilities Open tooltip to learn more., you will need to submit plans through the SRP Project Plan Portal for review and issuance of a construction license.

Have you already been issued a construction license? Pay the licensing fee online.

Here’s how to get in touch based upon the information you need:

Project review and construction license requirements
(602) 236-8533(602) 236-8533 or (602) 236-5799 (602) 236-5799
Available Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–4 p.m.

  • For information regarding SRP's review of your project plans and construction license requirements for work within an SRP right of way.

SRP design and relocation of irrigation facilities
(602) 236-4877(602) 236-4877
Available Monday–Thursday, 7 a.m.–4 p.m.

  • For questions regarding the processes for SRP design and relocation of irrigation facilities to accommodate your project.

Bridges across SRP-operated canals
(602) 236-0405(602) 236-0405
Available Monday–Thursday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

  • For projects related to bridges across SRP-operated canals.

Canal rights of way for commercial or recreation
(602) 236-5961(602) 236-5961
Available Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

  • If you are working on a project to develop canal rights of way for commercial or recreation.

Find links to frequently used standard drawings, specifications and documents for water engineering projects.

Using the project plan portal  

You can use the SRP Plan Portal to manage all of your projects. Project types will fall into one of these three categories based on their requirements. 

New, upgraded or relocated power service

For projects requiring new, upgraded or relocated power service, which includes multifamily, subdivision, individual residence, commercial or apartment complex.

Conflict review

For power or water projects needing a review for conflicts with existing SRP facilities. This includes requesting a lease or license of SRP or USA property or encroachment on SRP’s transmission rights of way.*

Temporary electric service

For projects that require temporary electric service for commercial purposes, including construction sites, business kiosks, portable classrooms, cleanups or property showings.

Find out more about setting up temporary service
*For power, this includes jobs that will not require new, upgraded or relocated power service as a result of the project.

Estimating power-related job costs

Every construction project is unique, and SRP wants to partner with you to be sure yours runs smoothly. Many of our developers have requested rough estimates of SRP’s construction charges in order to prepare project budgets in advance of breaking ground.

To assist you in this effort, we’ve provided more detailed information about our pricing policies below. Construction fees vary based on services requested.

Need help? Email construction@srpnet.com. Someone will respond within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Basic estimating assumptions

The estimated charges shown below are based on:

  • Construction jobs that include up to 1,000 feet of primary construction
  • Customers providing all trenching and conduit needed for construction

Exact charges will be determined after thorough plan review and discussion. Explore the resources below for information on pricing based on your project.*

Residential rates

Commercial rates

*Estimated charges are subject to change at SRP’s discretion and are revised every six months. All prices are for estimating purposes only.

See our construction process

Our team is ready to work with you at each step of your construction project to ensure you’re connected to power and water services.  

Together, we will:

See information on available electrical service capacities for proposed development projects within SRP's service territory. Request a will serve letter.


After you submit your plans in the SRP Plan PortalOpen new site., an SRP representative will work with you to gather information about your project, including:

Developers seeking new or upgraded electrical service are required to submit preliminary site plan documents to initiate the infrastructure design and construction process.

Next, we’ll meet to review your plans, discuss responsibilities on the Customer ChecklistDocument is a PDF and develop a timeline.


Once we meet with you and review your documents, we'll design a plan for your project.

When you receive these design plans, known as redline prints, you'll:

  • Have an opportunity to review and request any changes
  • Be asked to have the property blue staked by Arizona 811Open new site.
  • Be provided with a list of SRP survey requirements (control points)

When both parties agree on the plan:

  • We'll give you an Owner Agreement that you'll complete and return. (See a sampleDocument is a PDF)
  • If your power lines will cross other properties, we'll have you obtain Owner Agreements from those property owners as well.
  • We'll provide a contract for you to review that will detail what SRP will construct, what you'll construct and any required fees. (See a sampleDocument is a PDF)

You can either pay in full or make two payments:

  • The first 25% payment covers design fees and is non-refundable.
  • The final 75% payment is due 60 days before your project is connected to the power grid.

After you sign the contract and submit your first payment, we'll provide your construction prints.

Customer Construction

Construction can begin once you:

  • Receive construction prints that detail your construction responsibilities and ours, including the inspections we'll perform along the way.
  • Attend a preconstruction meeting with your SRP design consultant to review your construction prints. You can arrange to have any additional contractors attend this meeting too.


To ensure a smooth inspection, complete the following steps first:

  • Establish a billing account
  • Have letter of authorization ready if street lighting is included.
  • Inspect all trench and conduit work as well as any three-phase transformer pads.

What SRP will inspect

Here’s an overview of what SRP will inspect:

  • Your trench and conduit as well as any pads you install for our equipment
  • Your service entrance sections (or SES/meter panels)


Your part of the construction is considered complete when:

  • You've passed 100% of our inspections
  • You've received an electrical clearance – typically from the city or county
  • You've executed all necessary easements
  • You've submitted all payments and contracts

SRP construction process

Construction typically begins within seven days of your final inspection. During this phase, our construction crews will connect your project to the power grid.

Your team of construction consultants, supervisors and foremen will work with you to stay on your timeline and will be in regular communication.

Setting up a billing account

Prior to inspection, make sure to have your billing account set up. Here are the steps:

In need of a meter? Use this meter spot request form to request one for your project location.

Specifications and guidelines

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about construction services.

Call (602) 236-0777(602) 236-0777. Please have the address or account number handy.

This information is listed in Section 9 of the Electric Service Specifications Manual. You can also email SRP’s shop drawings department for the SES/meter panel at shopdraw@srpnet.com.p

Time frames can vary greatly depending on the nature of your project and the scope of work required. It can take anywhere from a couple of days for a small project to multiple months for a more complex project.

There are things you can do to help move the process along. Being responsive to requests for information and making sure that contractors get their work done in a timely manner can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to get a meter.

SRP will need to inspect any trench and conduit work, as well as any electrical panels that SRP will meter. Call the SRP Inspections number. This number is listed within the "Contacts" box on your job print. SRP Inspections groups are determined by locale.

A redline print is basically a fully completed utility design that will be given to you early in the design process for review and approval. It is a bid-quality product designed to help you engage contractors before construction prints have been produced.

If you wish to simply turn on service to an existing home, please call (602) 236-8888(602) 236-8888. For an existing business, call (602) 236-8833(602) 236-8833. If you wish to make modifications to your service, please call (602) 236-0777(602) 236-0777 or use our online form. Please have the address available.

This information can be found on pages 1–31 through 1–35 in Section 1 of the online Electric Service Specifications Manual. To request fault current data for arc flash studies, please email DDE@srpnet.com and include address(es) and SRP meter number(s) along with requester contact information.