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Stay up to date with text and email alerts from SRP

Managing your SRP account is easier with SRP eNotes™ text and email alerts. These reminders can help you stay on top of your account.

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    What alerts are available?

    Customers with an email address or mobile number on file are automatically enrolled in outage and disconnection alerts.

    When you sign up for eNotes, you can receive alerts related to:

    • Outages – Know when there's a power outage in your area.
    • Billing and payment – Get reminded when your bill is due, is past due or has been paid.
    • Bill projection – Receive a weekly bill estimate based on your current usage.
    • Monthly projection – Get alerted when your bill exceeds a set amount.
    • High-usage – Get notified when your energy use is higher than usual.

      High-usage alerts compare your current energy use to past use during similar temperatures. Higher-than-normal usage can be a sign that there’s an issue with a large appliance, such as an air conditioner, water heater or pool pump. High-usage alerts can make you aware of issues early on so you can make repairs quickly and keep your energy costs down.

    Sign up for text and email alerts

    Signing up for eNotes text and email alerts is easy through My Account. You can also sign up for text notifications only by opting in via SMS.

    1. Log in to My Account or create an online profile.
    2. Select My Account then Preference Center from the top menu.
    3. Select the Contact Information & eNotes tab to manage your information and eNotes enrollments.

    Be sure to add enotify@srpnet.com to your email contacts so you receive these important communications.

    Managing text alerts

    You can sign up or unsubscribe from eNotes text alerts by texting a keyword to a designated SRP number. See the table below for details.

    Please keep in mind that you may be required to authorize your mobile number in My Account first. Terms and conditions apply.

    If you want to... Keyword Text keyword to...
    Start receiving SRP text alerts START 74722 - for Outage and Disconnect Alerts
    Get help

    (You can also visit us online or call (800) 258-4777(800) 258-4777)
    HELP 777797 (SRPPWR) - for all other alerts and reminders
    Stop receiving SRP text alerts CANCEL, END, QUIT, STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE  

    Need help?

    If you have questions about eNotes, contact us:

    Terms & Conditions

    SRP Outage and Disconnect Alerts - 74722

    SRP Account Alerts - SRPPWR (777797)

    SRP Outage and Disconnect Alerts will notify customers of potential impacts to power being delivered. The impact could be in the past, present or future. Residential customers will be automatically enrolled in SRP Outage and Disconnect Alerts. Commercial or business customers need to enroll manually by contacting their Strategic Energy Manager. 

    SRP customers who opt in will be able to receive SRP account-related alerts.

    There are no premium charges for using SRP Account Alerts and SRP Outage and Disconnect Alerts. Message and data rates may apply.

    Message frequency can vary depending on the notification options you choose. Any message and data rates may apply. You may change your notification options at any time by visiting the eNotes page located in My Account.

    To opt out of SRP Outage and Disconnect Alerts, text STOP to 74722. To opt out of receiving SRP Account Alerts, text STOP to 777797. An unsubscribe message will be sent to your number confirming the cancellation, but no further messages will be sent.

    For help with SRP Outage and Disconnect Alerts, residential customers should text HELP to 74722. For help with SRP Account Alerts, residential customers should text HELP to 777797. You can also email help@srpnet.com or call (800) 258-4777(800) 258-4777.

    Business customers should email the SRP Business Center or call (602) 236-8833(602) 236-8833.

    Your privacy is a top priority.

    • SRP Account Alerts and SRP Outage and Disconnect Alerts will never, under any circumstances, sell or distribute your cellphone number to third parties or SRP Account Alerts clients without your authorization.
    • SRP Account Alerts and SRP Outage and Disconnect Alerts will never directly market any services to you for which you have not opted in, either by cellphone, text message or email.
    • SRP Account Alerts and SRP Outage and Disconnect Alerts will never distribute any personal information about you, including your phone number, name, billing information or any other piece of identifying information.