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SRP is pleased to provide complimentary educational resources for members of our community. Most are available in English and Spanish.

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    The following materials are available free of charge by emailing resourcematerials@srpnet.com.

    Water materials

    These materials cover the science and safety of water.

    Educational materials

    Learn a thing or two about H2O with:

    Grades 4–8
    What’s Up With Conserving Water?

    This booklet reveals concepts such as fresh water availability, purification, distribution, pollution, drought and conservation. The format encourages critical thinking and discussion.

    Grades 7–12
    13 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

    This easy-reading guide details the importance of water conservation and what simple changes people can make to save water.

    Grades 4–12
    Energist - Water

    This publication, in newspaper format, explains the properties of water, the water cycle and water use. It offers simple experiments to use in the classroom.

    Teachers only
    Hydroelectricity Poster

    This large, colorful poster illustrates water reclamation, hydroelectric generation and irrigation. The reverse side explains the importance of hydroelectric generation and provides several classroom activities.

    Teachers only
    Water Around Your Home and Community Poster

    This poster illustrates the various sources of water in our environment, the water cycle and the many ways water is used. The back of the poster offers eight reproducible activities for students.

    Safety materials

    Dive into ways to protect yourself and others around pools, lakes and streams with:

    All ages
    Canal safety education sheet

    This sheet has canal safety tips for adults on one side and canal safety tips and a reading comprehension activity for children on the other side. This was created in partnership with Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Banner/Cardon Children's Hospital and the Arizona Multihousing Association.

    Residents who have a community pool
    Community pool gate sign

    This sign was produced by SRP Safety Connection in partnership with the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona and the Arizona Multihousing Association and is a reminder to be water safe.

    Water safety checklist

    This is an excellent water safety inspection guide for parents that provides valuable information and helps keep your home safe from drowning hazards.

    Grades K–4
    Water safety coloring book

    SRP's water mascot, Dewey, shows children how to be safe by teaching water safety rules and engaging them in learning activities.

    Any age
    Water safety notepad

    This notepad is great for both children and adults and contains a water safety message around the perimeter.

    Energy materials

    These materials cover the science and safety of electricity.

    Educational materials

    Spark curiosity about electricity with:

    Grades 5–8
    ABCs of Electricity

    This booklet explains electricity and illustrates how a power plant operates. Learn how electricity reaches the user and the many ways it serves the public.

    Grades 7–12
    On Energy Careers

    This 24-page book details available careers in traditional energy, renewable energy and conservation and helps students map a pathway to potential employment.

    Grades 4–12
    Energist – Electricity

    This publication, in newspaper format, helps educators understand electricity concepts. It features simple experiments and activities for various grade levels.

    Safety materials

    Connect with ways to stay safe around electricity:

    Grades K–4
    Electrical safety coloring book

    SRP's energy mascot, Wattson, shows children how to be safe by teaching electric safety rules and engaging them in learning activities.

    Any age
    Electrical safety notepad

    This is great for both children and adults and contains an electric safety message around the perimeter.

    Any age
    Electrical safety checklist

    Help your family stay safe from hidden dangers around the home with this electrical safety checklist.

    Environment materials

    These materials cover the environment and renewable energy:

    Grades 4–6
    Let’s Get to Know Our Environment

    The Curiosity Club leads pre-teens through a challenging series of word games and puzzles that teach readers what an ecosystem is, and what they can do to safeguard the environment.

    Grades 4–8
    What’s Up With Renewable Energy Sources?

    This comprehensive booklet engages students in learning about renewable energy sources while weighing the benefits and challenges of each.

    Grades 9–12
    On Renewable Energy

    This thought-provoking guide helps students understand the true meaning of the word "renewable" as well as learn about renewable resources that are currently used for electric generation. Teacher's guide is included.