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Electrical Specifications Guidelines and Handbooks

SRP is here to support you. Here, you’ll find all electrical specifications guidelines and handbooks available for download.

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    Connecting to SRP’s grid

    The interconnection handbook specifies SRP’s requirements for safe and effective interconnection of your generating facility to the SRP electric utility distribution system. In the handbook, you’ll find your interconnection options, steps for applying and guidance for getting the job done. Here’s some information to keep in mind as you review:

    • SRP defines distributed generation as a generally small (up to 20 MW) electric generating facility that is dedicated to the support of nearby associated load.
    • Distributed generation can utilize both renewable (photovoltaic, wind, water, farm waste, etc.) and nonrenewable energy sources (natural gas or other fossil fuels for conventional engines, turbines and fuel cells).
    • Regardless of the kind of distributed generation electric output (AC or DC at various voltage levels), the interconnection must conform to company standards when connected to the utility's electric system.
    • SRP permits any customer to operate generating equipment in parallel with the company's electric system, provided there is no adverse effect on the company's other customers, equipment or personnel, or the quality of service.
    • Certain protective devices (relays, circuit breakers, etc.), when specified by the company, must be installed at all locations where the customer desires to operate generation in parallel with the company's system.

    Download Distributed generation interconnection handbookDocument is a PDF

    For more information or questions about connecting to the grid, email srpdistributedgen@srpnet.com.

    Find the standards manual for your electric project

    To receive electric service from SRP, licensed electrical contractors must follow SRP’s standards and specifications for obtaining electric service. You can find and download those standards and specifications here.

    It’s important to note that these standards can only be accessed electronically. If you have questions or need support, please email Engineering_Standards@srpnet.com

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