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Water shareholder information

SRP provides water delivery services to most of the land within the boundaries of the Salt River Reservoir District (SRRD). Most water shareholders in the SRRD receive treated water from a municipality. However, some water shareholders still receive water deliveries directly from SRP.

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    In Arizona, water is tied to the land, not to individuals or SRP. If you are eligible to receive SRP irrigation, your land is entitled to a predetermined allotment of water. That allotment cannot be transferred, bought or sold. Unique and important responsibilities come with this "water right."

    Your responsibilities as a water shareholder

    An elected board and council oversee the Salt River Valley Water Users’ Association. Learn about Governance & Elections.

    You are responsible for getting water to your property at the scheduled time. Order only as much water as you need and contain all the water you order on your property. Water theft, flooding and the resulting property damage may be punishable as felonies or misdemeanors or could result in a civil lawsuit.


    Prompt repairs to the neighborhood system in your area help ensure uninterrupted water service. If you and your neighbors cannot make the repairs yourselves, the SRP Water Contact Center has a list of irrigation repair contractors you can contact for help. Please let SRP know when the repairs are complete so service can resume with the next possible water delivery.

    Neighborhood associations

    Many irrigating neighborhoods have formed neighborhood associations to promote teamwork, share expenses and discuss problems. These can be formal or informal homeowner association or county-approved Irrigation Water Delivery Districts.

    Irrigation Water Delivery Districts (IWDDs)

    An IWDD is a group of adjacent landowners who enter into a cooperative relationship to handle the operation and maintenance of the neighborhood system. IWDDs are provided for under Arizona law.

    Key homeowners

    A key homeowner is a volunteer for the neighborhood or group of irrigators. Key homeowners help SRP contact neighbors about events or situations requiring quick notification. These volunteers are also a great source of information about the neighborhood system.


    • If you would like to organize a neighborhood meeting or would like to volunteer to be a key homeowner, please call the SRP Water Contact Center at (602) 236-3333(602) 236-3333. An SRP Field Services Liaison will be happy to attend your meeting or explain the key homeowner program.
    • Delegate a key homeowner by asking for volunteers. An effective key homeowner enjoys working with neighbors and is knowledgeable about and comfortable with the operation of the neighborhood system.

    Commercial irrigators

    Some neighborhoods hire commercial irrigators as a convenient way to handle their irrigation needs. These commercial irrigators order and oversee water deliveries and often make repairs to the neighborhood system. Commercial irrigators are not affiliated with SRP and SRP does not supervise their actions.

    Hiring a commercial irrigator is a big undertaking. Although SRP does not recommend or endorse specific commercial irrigators, we do offer these helpful tips:

    • Request at least three detailed estimates from irrigators. Prices and irrigation delivery services can vary significantly.
    • Request at least three references from prospective irrigators. If possible, you should also try to visit or speak with other customers they provide irrigation services for. Speaking with at least three references should give you a good idea about the irrigator's work and work ethic.
    • Require the irrigator to put all irrigation delivery services in writing. This will help you better protect your investment. If the service expectations change at any given time, make sure these changes are also captured in writing.
    • Read all documentation carefully before you sign. It is important to understand all that you're agreeing to so that there are no regrets or misunderstandings later. For your protection, check with the Better Business Bureau at (602) 264-1721 for a profile on any irrigator you are considering hiring.

    Annual Shareholder Compensation Program

    Some shareholders may be entitled to compensation for a portion of the amount paid to Arizona Public Service Company (APS) for electricity each year. To qualify, you must meet certain criteria. The application period for the 2022 Shareholder Compensation program has closed. The application period for the 2023 Shareholder Compensation program will open in spring 2024.

    If you have any questions, please call (602) 236-8888.

    Help with annual Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) reporting

    Landowners in SRP's service territory with grandfathered irrigation rights may receive reporting forms from the ADWR and water-use letters from SRP each January. If you have questions about these forms or need assistance filling them out, please call (602) 236-5011(602) 236-5011.

    Grandfathered rights typically belong to land on which there was an established water right prior to 1980. These grandfathered parcels were recognized in 1982 pursuant to the Groundwater Management Act. If you intend to sell or have sold your property with grandfathered rights, notify ADWR at (602) 771-8585(602) 771-8585. Visit ADWR's use reports pageOpen new site. for additional information.


    The challenge and privilege of overseeing the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association rests with the elected Board and Council — 42 representatives who administer and set its business policy.

    Elections occur on the first Tuesday of April during even-numbered years. Information on voting eligibility and precinct location is available by calling (602) 236-3048(602) 236-3048.