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SRP Business Demand Response Program™

See how your business can earn payments for reducing energy consumption from the grid for a few brief periods throughout the year.

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    How to participate

    SRP and Enel X are partnering to offer commercial, institutional, industrial, educational and municipal organizations incentive payments for participating in the SRP Business Demand Response Program — a new program to help maintain a reliable and cost-effective energy grid.

    Check out the Business Demand Response fact sheetDocument is a PDF and case studyDocument is a PDF.

    It pays to conserve

    In addition to earning payments for participating, your business can enjoy the following benefits:

    • No-cost, no-risk earnings: Participate with peace of mind — Enel X develops energy reduction plans to help participants earn payments without making any upfront investment.
    • Grid reliability: By alleviating pressure on the grid, your demand response participation plays a critical role in making the electric grid operate more efficiently, helping to lower costs for all SRP customers.
    • More resilient operations: Demand Response Program participants receive advance notice of potential disturbances on the grid, enabling them to prepare their facilities proactively.

    Frequently asked questions

    Demand response programs provide an opportunity for commercial, institutional, industrial, educational and municipal organizations to earn incentive payments while helping maintain reliable electricity. When the demand for electricity approaches critical peak levels, utilities and grid operators dispatch Enel X's demand response network, which is made up of local organizations that have agreed to reduce energy usage during times of high demand. Program participants earn payments for agreeing to be on standby and for curtailing electricity consumption in response to high electricity demand.

    SRP's Demand Response partner Enel X takes care of the complex details so you can stay focused on running your business.

    1. Enel X will work with you to identify your energy reduction potential and create a strategy that delivers maximum value with minimum impact to your operations. These measures will be outlined in a detailed Energy Reduction Plan.
    2. In some cases, Enel X will install necessary metering devices at your facility to establish communication with its Network Operations Center (NOC) so they can monitor your energy consumption levels in real time.
    3. Your site is then enrolled and ready to respond when a dispatch begins. Provided your site has Enel X metering, log in to apps.enelx.comOpen new site. at any time during a dispatch to view your performance in real time. While it is expected that all dispatches will take place during the specified Program Period, there is a chance of dispatch outside of that period if SRP encounters severe capacity constraints. Should this type of dispatch occur, it would not impact your payments.
    4. Throughout the process, Enel X will fully manage enrollment, measurement, verification and payments on your behalf.
    • Notification: When SRP anticipates high demand on the grid, it dispatches the Enel X network into action. Enel X will notify you via email, phone or SMS, depending on your preferences, to inform you of when the dispatch will begin.
    • Response: At the start of the dispatch, your facility will reduce its electricity usage according to your predetermined Energy Reduction Plan, either manually or, if requested, automatically through the NOC.
    • Support: Before, during and after a dispatch, the NOC remains in communication with your facility. The Enel X staff is available 24/7/365, supporting you to ensure that you achieve the highest possible levels of performance and payments.

    Enel X has extensive experience creating energy reduction strategies that work within the operational limitations of a wide variety of facilities, including cold storage, manufacturing, food processing, universities, malls, office buildings and more. Enel X can also help implement full control systems that allow your electric load to be toggled remotely.

    Common reduction examples include:

    • Reducing nonessential lighting
    • Modifying manufacturing processes
    • Adjusting HVAC equipment
    • Dialing back pumps
    • Changing settings in industrial freezers

    Customers often facilitate dispatch participation by simply shifting many of their energy-intensive processes by a few hours. Ask us about our experience working with customers like you.

    Business Demand Response experts are standing by to speak with you about your organization's DR opportunity. Reach out to your SRP Strategic Energy Manager or get started nowOpen new site..