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Dependable dark fiber to drive success

Dependable dark fiber to drive success

Connect your business to SRP's robust dark fiber network to maximize your performance, productivity and profitability in Greater Phoenix.

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    Connect to Greater Phoenix’s most reliable fiber network

    SRP’s network is made up of 1,800 route miles of dark fiber that span 15 cities across Greater Phoenix.

    Fiber is routed along SRP's high-voltage electric system and uses SRP's private rights-of-way and easements, which means 90% of our network is distinct from the competition.

    Our extensive network interconnects diversely with most major data centers within the Phoenix metropolitan area and is in close proximity to many commercial and industrial locations. It also offers:

    • Virtually unlimited bandwidth
    • Stable infrastructure
    • Redundancy to prevent outage interruptions
    • Looped network configuration for superior reliability and security
    • Highly customizable plans
    • Interconnectivity with most major data centers across Greater Phoenix
    • Interactive network mapping
    • Single point of contact and award-winning customer service

    Dark fiber where your business needs it

    Check coverage and availability with our interactive map.


    You can also download the mapDocument is a PDF. Need a custom map?
    No problem. Just contact our dark fiber team.

    A team of experts to help you choose the right solution

    Every dark fiber project is unique, and SRP Telecom has the experience and expertise to help determine the best solutions for your specific business needs. Explore the factors we’ll cover together.

    Fiber count and route

    We’ll determine the number of fibers desired and available for license and map out your route from start to finish.

    Fiber performance

    We’ll provide the expected data transmission and cable performance.


    We’ll detail the proximity of your start and end points to the nearest available SRP access points.

    Special construction

    Depending on the outcomes from route and distance planning, we’ll figure out if any construction is needed.


    Based on the duration of your fiber licensing term, we’ll lay out the expected costs.

    Term options

    SRP can provide flexible term options to meet your CAPEX and OPEX budget requirements. They range from 12 to 60 months.


    After an initial consultation to understand your project, our team will propose several dark fiber route options and quotes.


    Determining your price

    Determining your price

    Each solution is based on your unique CAPEX and OPEX needs along with your project's requirements that may or may not require construction. Therefore, each project's pricing is case-based.

    Price factors include:

    • Overall project size
    • Fiber distance
    • Make-ready work
    • Lateral construction requirements and costs (if applicable)

    Get a quote for dark fiber services

    SRP’s quote process is highly collaborative and includes three well-defined steps:

    Step 1: Initial quote

    The initial quote is a budgetary non-binding price quote. The quote process begins when you submit a dark fiber request outlining the details of your requirements. Turnaround time for a desktop quote can be provided in as little as 48 hours. Contact our team to request a non-disclosure agreement and begin the process.

    Step 2: Formal quote

    The formal quote response is a firm-fixed price quote for your project. Turnaround time for a fixed fiber quote can be provided in up to 30 days depending on project size and construction requirements.

    Step 3: Product order

    If the formal quote response meets your business case and you would like to move forward, you can execute the product order. The product order is a legally binding agreement and lives under the Fiber Master License Agreement. Standard interval is 90 days and may take longer due to project variables including permitting and construction.

    Timeline for delivery:
    Once work begins, it takes approximately 90 days to get your business connected.

    Why choose SRP’s dark fiber solutions?

    Connected Icon

    Access to all major data centers

    Scalable Icon

    Virtually unlimited bandwidth using dark fiber at a fixed cost

    Diverse Icon

    90% network route diversity from other carriers

    Customized Icon

    Tailor-made solutions, flexible pricing terms

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    Multiple route options offered for most locations

    Proven Icon

    20+ years of providing telecom infrastructure

    One stop for power, water and telecom

    SRP’s unique position as an electric and water utility offering dark fiber means we can supply your new data center or network operation with an integrated portfolio of services, including the energy you need to get your project launched.

    Here’s what you can expect when you choose SRP:

    • Some of the lowest electricity prices in Arizona and the region.
    • A high-quality looped electrical system.
    • Award-winning power quality and reliability.
    • Energy costs and power availability estimates.
    • Assistance with the design and construction process of your facilities.

    Our team is committed to your success. For information about wireless or wireline solutions, call us at (602) 236-8777(602) 236-8777 or email wireline@srpnet.com.