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Will Serve letter process

SRP established the Will Serve Center to provide information on available electrical service capacities for proposed development projects within SRP's service territory. This important information is provided in the form of the Will Serve letter*.

On this page:

    How to request a will serve letter

    Complete the will serve letter request form and include any related documents, such as the vicinity map or site plan, as PDF documents. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your request.


    Next steps after you've requested a letter

    Upon receipt of the necessary information, the Will Serve Center will process your request and issue a Will Serve letter that typically includes the following general information:

    • Whether or not SRP provides electric service to the territory that includes the project area ("Project")
    • Whether or not SRP currently has distribution facilities in place to serve the specific address of the Project

    Please allow five to 10 business days for processing of typical will serve requests except in cases where additional transmission and distribution is needed.

    In accordance with SRP's Rules and Regulations, the scope, nature and location of the Project may require that the Project owners to provide SRP with a Contribution in Aid of Construction, other required fees, and/or land rights.

    Additional transmission and distribution facilities

    In cases where additional distribution and/or transmission facilities are needed, SRP will contact the Project's owner to discuss their project in length. The processing of this type of request will extend the delivery time of the Will Serve letter; however, SRP will process this request as expeditiously as possible.

    *Will serve letters do not guarantee service, only that SRP could serve the property.