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Investor relations

SRP has provided reliable water and power to central Arizona for more than a century, helping the Phoenix metropolitan area thrive. But we’re not stopping there. See why you can have confidence in our plan to build a better future.

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    A reliable investment

    See the credit ratings assigned to SRP as of November 2023.

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    2024 bond authorization request

    On May 10, 2024, SRP filed an application with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) seeking authorization to issue up to $6.4 billion in tax-exempt revenue bonds to help finance new projects that are needed to support the growth of the Phoenix metropolitan area and ensure reliable, affordable and sustainable power for SRP customers. SRP is also seeking approval for refunding revenue bonds, not exceeding $7 billion, to refinance debt to lower borrowing costs for SRP, which helps keep costs down for customers.

    This request is part of SRP's comprehensive strategy to keep customer prices low while continuing to fund capital projects to meet growing customer demand, maintain grid reliability and meet SRP’s 2035 Sustainability Goals.

    Funding the Valley’s future

    As the Valley of the Sun continues to prosper, SRP remains committed to providing affordable, reliable power to meet increasing demand. 

    SRP occasionally issues revenue bonds to support capital projects and, when necessary, enhance existing infrastructure.

    SRP revenue bonds pay a fixed interest rate over the life of the bonds. Typically, earned interest is exempt from federal taxes. State tax exemptions are, in most cases, available for bond purchasers who are residents in the state where the bonds are issued.

    Note: SRP encourages you to work with your tax adviser to fully understand tax implications.

    View bond disclosures

    You can see all of SRP’s current bond disclosures on the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) websiteOpen new site., operated by the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB)Open new site..

    The EMMA system provides a comprehensive, centralized and free source for all details related to bonds, including official statements, continuing disclosure submissions, advance refunding documents, and real-time trade price information on municipal securities.

    See existing bonds 

    Explore the list of SRP Revenue Bond issues and click on any link to see more information on EMMA.

    Electric System Revenue Bonds

    Series Original Par Amount Dated
    2023 Series BOpen new site. 650,000,000 11/21/2023
    2023 Series AOpen new site. 500,000,000 2/28/2023
    2022 Series AOpen new site. 193,065,000 3/4/2022
    2021 Series AOpen new site. 277,400,000 10/1/2020
    2020 Series BOpen new site. 100,000,000 10/1/2020
    2020 Series AOpen new site. 224,670,000 10/1/2020
    2019 Series AOpen new site. 461,170,000 10/24/2019
    2017 Series AOpen new site. 735,240,000 11/9/2017
    2016 Series AOpen new site. 760,965,000 11/18/2016
    2015 Series AOpen new site. 924,000,000 5/15/2015
    2010 Series AOpen new site. 500,000,000 10/7/2010

    Review our financials

    Download ​SRP’s latest financials.

    Stay in the know

    See the latest updates and notices about SRP’s financial decisions.

    Independent Registered Municipal Advisor information (IRMA)

    Effective May 23, 2022, SRP has retained PFM Financial Advisors, LLC ("PFM"), an independent registered municipal advisor, as its financial advisor.

    SRP is represented by and will rely on the advice of PFM when considering information provided by financial services firms concerning the issuance of municipal securities and municipal financial products.

    Download the complete Notice of Retention of an Independent Registered Municipal AdvisorDocument is a PDF

    Updates to Revolving Credit Agreements

    The Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District's (the "District") Board of Directors authorized, on June 6, 2022, to execute and deliver (i) a Revolving Credit Agreement with TD Bank, N.A., as agent and a lender, with a term of four years and a borrowing limit not to exceed $175,000,000 thereunder and (ii) the Third Amendment to the Revolving Credit Agreement with JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A., as agent and a lender, amending the borrowing limit thereunder from $350,000,000 to $175,000,000 and to extend the maturity date thereunder from June 29, 2023 to June 29, 2026 (collectively, the “Revolving Credit Agreements”), and that no material change, revision, amendment or addendum has been made to the Revolving Credit Agreements subsequent thereto.

    No changes were made to the U.S. Bank, N.A., $200,000,000 Revolving Credit Agreement. Final maturity date of June 28, 2024.

    No changes were made to the Bank of America, N.A., $250,000,000 Revolving Credit Agreement. Final maturity date of December 9, 2025.

    For more information, see SRP’s disclosure on EMMAOpen new site..