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Professional development workshops for teachers

SRP wants to empower educators to create classrooms where everyone can succeed. That's why we provide complimentary teacher training on STEM, sustainability and other subjects.

On this page:

    Join us in person at SRP’s free teacher workshops

    We’re excited to offer in-person teacher training workshops, all hosted at SRP’s Tempe facilities. Here’s what you need to know to attend:

    • Workshops are offered Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to noon.
    • They’re open to K–12 educators in SRP’s service and impact areas.
    • Educators will receive a certificate for continuing education units for four hours for each workshop.
    • All workshops are free to educators.

    Interested? We’d love to see you at one (or all!) of the workshops we offer. Explore our offerings below.

    • Powering Our Future 1 (Grades 3–6): Learn about the renewable and nonrenewable resources used to generate electricity, how they’re used and the advantages and challenges of each type.
    • Powering Our Future 2 (Grades 3–6): Learn about renewable resources, in particular, solar and wind. We recommend that educators take Powering Our Future 1 before this workshop.
    • Powering Our Future: Engineering (Grades K–2): Tailored for K–2 teachers, you’ll learn how the engineering design process can be applied to help students use science to make sense of the world around them.
    • Powering Our Future High School (Grades 7–12): Designed for middle school and high school teachers, this workshop focuses on energy and resources used to generate electricity.
    • Arizona Water Story (Grades 3–8): Discover the history, management and delivery of water to the Valley through geology, geography and hydroelectric power.
    • Electricity and Magnetism (Grades 3–6): Explore the basics of electricity and magnetism, including simple, series and parallel circuits and the flow of electrons.

    Cash in on a Powering Our Future grant

    Teachers who attend any of the Powering Our Future workshops will receive a $250 grant to purchase hands-on materials to help teach about energy.

    Here are the details:

    • Grants are available for SRP’s series of Powering Our Future grants, including Powering Our Future 1 and 2, Engineering and High School.
    • Educators can attend up to two workshops per school semester for a total of eight professional development hours.
    • Educators can apply for one grant per school year but are welcome to attend multiple years and reapply.
    • Teachers must attend the workshop before applying for the grantOpen new site..
    • Other workshops are not eligible for the grants; however, educators will receive materials at the workshop to help teach the content.