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DIY Energy-Saving Projects

Simple home improvement projects can help you save on your energy bill. Here are our top tips, tools and DIY projects for homeowners and renters.

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    Low-cost, high-impact project ideas

    From unsealed windows and old-fashioned thermostats to inefficient pool pumps and incandescent bulbs, there are many ways your home wastes energy and costs you money. Thankfully, there are simple, quick fixes that can help you save.

    Install a smart thermostat

    Smart thermostats can be set to adjust your heating and cooling system automatically for greater efficiency.

    Install one today using just a screwdriver and Wi-Fi password. 
    Build your own shade screens

    Nearly 50% of the heat that enters your home comes through the windows. Shade screens can cut energy costs by up to 25%. 

    Build your own shade screens.
    Shade your home

    With shade trees, porch overhangs and awnings, you can block the sun from reaching and heating your home. 

    Keep your home cool this summer.
    Optimize your pool pump

    Using a timer, you can run your pump during off-peak hours and for just as long as necessary to keep your pool clean.

    Find other tips to save.
    Buy the right LED bulbs

    LED bulbs are not one-size-fits-all. Learn how to buy the right bulb for your needs based on color, temperature, brightness and more.

    Learn how to read an LED bulb label.
    Weatherize your doors and windows

    Is air leaking through your doors and windows, wasting energy and costing you money?

    Stop leaking air by weatherizing your home.
    Slay energy vampires

    Devices like computers use electricity even when they’re “off” by going into standby mode.

    Learn how to easily stop the energy suck.

    Evaluate your home’s efficiency with SRP’s free Home Energy Profile tool. In just five minutes, you’ll get custom recommendations to help you save, whether you rent or own. 

    Start my free assessment.Open new site.

    Ask an energy expert

    Investing in energy-efficient appliances and home improvement projects can be a big decision. Email our energy experts at askjerry@srpnet.com for tools, rebates and more. Experts are available Monday through Friday during regular business hours. 

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