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Easements, leasing and licensing for SRP-owned land

Find information about easements, transmission encroachments and leasing or licensing SRP-owned land, and learn what type of request to submit to complete your project.

Projects on SRP-owned land

SRP is the agent responsible for the operation and maintenance of property owned by the United States of America (USA). It’s our job to make sure these properties remain open and accessible so we can continue to operate and maintain our irrigation and power facilities on them.

Keeping the USA property free of physical encroachments ensures we can access, operate and maintain our facilities as a part of the Federal Salt River Reclamation Project.

If your construction project is located within SRP Territory, we will verify and work with you to secure the necessary SRP and Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) land rights authorizations, including the coordination of USA land and facility relocations involving the BOR if required.

As a part of your project planning activities and prior to construction, reach out to SRP to learn about how your project work may impact overhead and underground power facilities, get information about worksite safety standards, required clearances, and how to obtain necessary approvals from all affected SRP stakeholders.

Starting a project that’s near an SRP facility or SRP power lines? Find information on our power and water construction services.

About easements and transmission encroachments

If you need general information about what can be constructed, altered, planted or stored within an SRP easement or near an SRP power or water facility, you can submit an information request.

Once you complete and submit the request form, an SRP representative will contact you within five to 10 business days.

Here are some of the most common requests we receive:

  • Information regarding an SRP/USA power or irrigation easement
  • Permission to encroach on an SRP/USA power or irrigation easement for structures, including fences, storage sheds and signs
  • An abandonment of an SRP/USA power or irrigation easement
  • Request a Federal Housing Administration (FHA)/Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Fall Zone letter
  • Request swimming pool clearance authorization
  • Other land right inquiries

What are transmission encroachments?

An easement is a perpetual land right which grants a specific person or entity the right to utilize a specific area for a specific purpose. SRP acquires easements for the purpose of safely accessing, constructing, operating and maintaining its high-voltage transmission facilities.

Any improvement within an SRP easement that is inconsistent with the terms of the easement is considered an encroachment.

Questions about what can be built or planted within a specific transmission easement? Review SRP’s transmission encroachment guidelinesDocument is a PDF.

Leasing and licensing of SRP or USA property

You can request a lease or license of SRP land for purposes such as parking, landscaping, commercial uses and agricultural uses.

You can initiate your request by starting a project in the SRP Plan Portal, selecting the “Conflict Review Only” option, and providing the additional information.  

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