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SRP Solar Choice

SRP Solar Choice™

SRP Solar Choice is a simple, affordable way to lower your carbon footprint and support solar energy in Arizona without adding any equipment at home.

How it works

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Choose to offset either 50% or 100% of your home energy use.

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Pay a small amount on top of your monthly bill (see cost details below).

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Your participation directly supports the advancement of utility-scale solar in Arizona.

What it costs

Whether you offset 50% or 100% of your energy, you’ll pay just half a cent more per kilowatt-hour (kWh) with SRP Solar Choice. For SRP residential customers with average energy use*, that means spending:
Average Solar Choice premiums

*Cost estimate based on 14,000 kWh/year (average annual energy use of typical SRP residential customers). Excludes taxes.

Estimates and enrollment

Log in to SRP My Account™ to get a free cost estimate and find out how much carbon you could offset by participating.

If you’re ready to enroll, simply follow the steps in SRP My Account or call us at (602) 236-8888(602) 236-8888.

SRP Solar Choice is also available for your business. Explore your options.


SRP Solar Choice allows you to support solar without having to install a system or own your own home or business space. Instead, SRP takes on the cost of owning or leasing solar panels, then we sell the energy to participating customers. This approach is called utility-scale solar. It’s an efficient way to provide renewable solar energy to more Arizonans.

SRP Solar Choice offers a way to offset the energy used at your home or business. The actual electricity (electrons) delivered to your home or business is a blend of the resources on the grid.

Your premium payments help cover the costs of offsetting your household or business energy use with clean solar energy. The investment also helps grow demand for solar energy in Arizona while making a difference in the environment today.

Yes. Taxes are included in the tax line of your monthly bill and calculated based on city, county and state rates.

If you don’t love SRP Solar Choice, you can opt out at any time by visiting SRP My Account or calling (602) 236-8888(602) 236-8888. You’ll be removed from the program at the end of the current billing cycle.