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SRP trash box request guidelines

SRP trash boxes are self-assembled cardboard boxes accompanied by two plastic liners per box. Boxes are provided as a convenience to central Arizona nonprofit charity organizations or events supporting them.

On this page:

    The trash boxes are 3 by 4.5 feet flat and come in bundles of 15 (unless the order is less than 15). The bundles are 9 inches high. Trash-filled liners should be disposed of in regular trash receptacles.

    To expedite your request, please review the following guidelines prior to completing the online form

    • Submit the request at least seven days prior to an event. No exceptions.

    • Donations are intended for events being held for or by nonprofit charity organizations within the SRP service territory. SRP reserves the right to determine if an event or organization qualifies.

    • Trash boxes are for special community events only. We do not supply trash boxes for recycling programs. If you have a need that is not related to an event, please contact your local waste management facility to inquire about their options.

    • These boxes are not intended as collection boxes for various Valley wide clothing drives, food drives, book drives, etc.

    • Organizations are not allowed to cover logos on the trash boxes with other branding.

    • SRP will determine the quantity of trash boxes to be supplied based upon the number of participants expected to attend an event.

    • Trash box lids marked for recyclable materials are also available and may be requested through the online form.

    • Upon approval of your request, you will receive an email with directions for picking up your trash boxes.

    Request trash boxes

    To request trash boxes, email trashbox@srpnet.com and include:

    • Your first and last name
    • Phone number
    • Name of your organization
    • Name of the event
    • Description of the event
    • Event date and time
    • Event venue zip code
    • Approximate number of attendees
    • Number of trash boxes requested
    • Number of recycled material lids requested

    All requests must be submitted at least seven days prior to the event. No exceptions.

    For questions, email trashbox@srpnet.com.