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Smart thermostat rebates

Ready to cash in on a thermostat upgrade? Save on a new smart thermostat and get up to $100 off your SRP bill when you join the SRP Bring Your Own Thermostat Program™ (BYOT). You’ll also help SRP reduce peak demand and help maintain grid reliability.

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    How BYOT works (and how you save)

    As a BYOT participant, your thermostat will automatically adjust a few degrees higher during periods of high power demand. These periods usually last no longer than three hours — they’re called “conservation events.” In order to maximize the comfort in your home during a conservation event, your thermostat may or may not be adjusted prior to the event to precool your home.

    During a conservation event, adjusting your thermostat just a few degrees can be a big help to our grid, easing demand for power during the hottest, busiest times of the day. This lowers our operating costs – and helps ensure a reliable supply of power – and we pass the savings on to you.

    Already have a smart thermostat? Enroll in BYOT to get paid.

    Our BYOT program is designed to reward you for using less electricity during hours of high demand. This is better for the environment and helps ease strain on the power grid.

    After you enroll, you'll receive a $50 SRP bill credit per thermostat (maximum of 2). You'll also earn a $25 bill credit (per eligible thermostat) each year you remain enrolled in the program.

    To be eligible to enroll, you must:

    • Be an SRP residential electric customer
    • Use your thermostat to control your central air conditioning
    • Have installed an eligible internet-connected thermostat

    Ready to enroll?

    Click on the thermostat you own, then log in to enroll. 

    Alarm.com Thermostat
    Approved thermostats:

    GoControl Thermostat, ADC T3000, ADC T2000, LUX KONOzw Smart Hub Thermostat, Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat, Stelpro Thermostat, Radio Thermostat (CT1110), Radio Thermostat (CT32), ecobee Thermostat

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    Honeywell Home
    Honeywell Home Thermostat
    Approved thermostats:

    Round Smart Thermostat, T5+ Smart Thermostat, T6 Pro Smart Thermostat, T9 Smart Thermostat, T10 Smart Thermostat

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    Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (TCC)
    Honeywell TCC Thermostat
    Approved thermostats:

    Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat, Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat, Wi-Fi 9000 7-Day Programmable Thermostat, 9000 Smart Thermostat, 7-Day Programmable Smart Thermostat, VisionPro 8000 Smart Thermostat

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    ecobee Thermostat
    Approved thermostats:

    ecobee3, ecobee3 Lite, ecobee4, ecobee Smart Si, ecobee Smart, ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control

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    Emerson Thermostat
    Approved thermostats:

    Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat, Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat

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    Google Nest
    Google Nest Thermostat
    Approved thermostats:

    Google Nest Learning Thermostat, Google Nest Thermostat E

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    Lux Thermostat
    Approved thermostats:


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    Don't have a smart thermostat? Get an instant rebate now.

    You read that right – get money back in your pocket instantly when you shop for smart thermostats on SRP Marketplace. Browse options from ​​Google Nest, ecobee, Honeywell Home and more today.


    Our online store, SRP Marketplace, has several smart thermostats available for purchase, including top-rated brands like Google Nest and ecobee. Check out the description and features of each to find the one that best fits your lifestyle and needs. During the purchase process, you will be prompted to verify your SRP account's eligibility for instant rebates and enrollment.

    You’ll need to check with your thermostat’s manufacturer to be sure. Visit a manufacturer below to see eligible thermostats:

    Once you’ve been accepted into the BYOT program, you’ll see a $50 bill credit on either your next or following month's electricity bill.

    Conservation events take place at times when demand for power is highest. During an event, your thermostat will automatically be bumped up a few degrees. In simple terms, this helps give our power grid a break. Your thermostat will return to its normal set point/schedule once the event is over.

    Conservation events happen May through October (except on holidays) between noon and 9 p.m. Usually, they don’t last any longer than three hours, and we’ll always give you a heads-up before they happen. There can be up to 15 conservation events per season.

    Yes, you can adjust your thermostat at any time.

    Precooling can occur during on-peak hours. The annual end-of-season incentive credit of $25 is provided in order to cover the cost of usage where precooling may have occurred during on-peak hours. Customers can opt out of the event if they do not want to precool.

    Send an email to support@srpconnectedhome.com or call (602) 236-2951(602) 236-2951. Unenrolling from the program will end participation for all enrolled thermostats.

    Grab your thermostat, a screwdriver and your Wi-Fi router password, then watch this video.

    For help with installation, call the maker of your thermostat.

    Nest: 855-469-6378

    Ecobee: 877-932-6233

    Emerson-Sensi: 888-605-7131

    Honeywell/Resideo: 800-468-1502

    Lux: 856-234-8803

    Still have questions?  

    We’d love to answer them. Email us or call (602) 236-2951(602) 236-2951.

    BYOT terms and conditions  

    You can find the program terms and conditions for all thermostat manufacturers below. 

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