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SRP financial assistance

You’re not in this alone. Whether you need immediate financial support, more flexible payment options or tips to lower energy costs, we're here to help.

Need help making a payment?

If you need help paying for power, call us at (602) 236-8888(602) 236-8888 right away.
Our customer service team is here 24/7, even on holidays.

SRP bill assistance programs and resources

We offer a variety of solutions to help you lower your energy costs and manage your bill, especially during the hot summer months.

Set up a payment plan or bill extension
Set up a payment plan or bill extension

If you have a past-due balance, call SRP at (602) 236-8888(602) 236-8888 to explore payment plan options. You can also request an extension through SRP My Account™.

Request an extension
Save $276 on the Economy Price Plan
Save $276 on the Economy Price Plan

Eligible customers can receive a $23 monthly discount on their SRP electric bills through the Economy Price Plan – that's $276 a year.

See if you qualify
Pay as you go and save with SRP M-Power®
Pay as you go and save with SRP M-Power®

With flat-rate pricing you pay upfront, customers on the SRP M-Power plan save an average of 12% compared to those on other SRP plans who get monthly bills.

See how it works
Uncover energy savings in your home
Uncover energy savings in your home

A virtual or in-person SRP Home Energy Assessment™ provides personalized energy-saving advice. You’ll also get up to $250 worth of free energy-saving products.

Schedule your assessmentOpen new site.

Get help from your community

Help is never far away. Explore additional resources and assistance programs available within your own community.

Connect to assistance near you
Connect to assistance near you

SRP has a team of Customer Resource Counselors dedicated to connecting you with community agencies that may assist with rent, food and more. Explore what’s available in your city or call us anytime at (602) 236-8888(602) 236-8888.

See resources in your city
Create a safety net with friends or family
Create a safety net with friends or family

The SRP Safety Net lets you choose someone to alert if your electric bill ever becomes past due. Keeping your friends or family informed can help prevent disrupted service.

Sign up a friend or family member
Get help on your taxes
Get help on your taxes

Review the EITC brochure to see if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit and find free resources to help file your taxes.

Download the brochureDocument is a PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about SRP bill assistance? Find answers here.

Call SRP as soon as possible. Our team can help set up a payment plan or an extension or connect you with programs and community resources. Call (602) 236-8888(602) 236-8888 to get started. Our customer care team is available 24/7, even on holidays.

We’ll do everything we can to keep that from happening. Call (602) 236-8888(602) 236-8888 to explore your options.

Due to expected high temperatures from July to August 2024, SRP will keep the power on for all SRP customers – even if there is not an Excessive Heat Warning. During this time, you'll still be charged for the energy you use, so it's important to keep making payments to avoid accumulating debt. Learn more.

You can also find relief throughout the city, including water and cooling stations, during the hot summer months. View the Heat Relief Network mapOpen new site. to find resources near you.

If you’re a small business owner and need help paying your electric bill, contact your dedicated Energy Manager. You can find their contact information at the top of your monthly electric bill.

Learn more about your optionsOpen new site. or call the Business Customer Center at (602) 236-8833(602) 236-8833 7 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If you or someone in your home requires electricity for medical life-support equipment, we encourage you to learn about our Medical Preparedness Program.