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SRP power quality services

SRP has a dedicated team that helps ensure power quality. See the services we offer to support your business with reliable energy.

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    SRP delivers some of the most reliable electric service in the Southwest, and our team is dedicated to providing exceptional power quality services. However, our customers are ultimately responsible for protecting their valuable electrical equipment should power fluctuations occur.

    Here’s what that means for you:

    • You’ll need thermal protection. The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires thermal protection when there is a single phasing event (a loss of voltage on any one line).
    • Typical thermal protection may not be enough. Fuses, breakers or overload devices may not be sufficient to protect your three-phase equipment when single phasing conditions occur.
    • A variety of protection devices are available. You’ll need a licensed electrical contractor to inspect your three-phase equipment and install devices if needed to protect against phase loss, phase imbalance and overvoltage conditions.

    Have questions or concerns? Reach out to your Strategic Energy Manager today.

    Mitigate power quality issues with SRP services

    Our services help you find the cause of and solution for power quality problems. See how to prevent unwanted power quality issues while saving time and money with SRP power quality services.

    Power Quality Investigations

    A power quality investigation will be performed when a customer suspects an unknown power quality issue at their facility. The power quality team will install a monitor and investigate the origin of the issue. A report will be provided with recommendations.

    Power Quality Consultations

    The power quality team has engineer level expertise in power quality. If you have any questions about power quality within your facility, a consultation can be performed. You will meet with an SRP engineer who will try to answer your power quality questions.

    Infrared Inspections

    Infrared imaging can help detect problems in your business facility’s equipment, helping you avoid situations that can lead to electrical and mechanical failure. SRP’s IR inspection can be performed on all types of electrical equipment and can be done on an on-time or regular basis.

    Power Factor Assessments

    If you are struggling with power factor fee penalties, a power factor assessment can be performed. This assessment can help identify the highest contributors of your bad power factor. This study will support your power factor mitigation process.

    Load Studies

    If you are expanding your facility or just want to know how much power your loads consume, a load study can be performed. Load studies help identify overloaded circuits or voltage unbalance.

    What to expect during your power quality investigation

    Our power quality process identifies power quality issues quickly and allows you to implement the most cost-effective solution as soon as possible. Here’s what you can expect when working with our team:

    • Startup meeting: You’ll provide all of your observations and we’ll learn your electrical history in order to develop an appropriate plan of action.
    • Monitoring: Using specialized testing and monitoring equipment, we look for critical disturbances taking place during normal work cycles.
    • Detailed reports: We then provide you with a detailed report that summarizes the power quality characteristics of your electrical distribution system.
    • Recommended solutions: We give recommendations to possibly improve your electrical system.

    Request SRP services through email help@srpnet.com or call (602) 236-8855 for troubleshooting support.