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How to turn on temporary service for commercial property

Establishing temporary electric service for commercial purposes, including construction sites, business kiosks, portable classrooms, cleanups or property showings, is easy with SRP.

On this page:

    Order service for construction sites, kiosks and portable classrooms 

    To initiate temporary service, just provide the service address, mailing address and phone number along with the following information:  

    • Size of service entrance section (SES), in amps 
    • Designate either single-phase or three-phase power  
    • Voltage (i.e., 120/240, 120/208 or 277/480)  
    • Equipment load, in horsepower  
    • Note whether it is overhead or underground service  

    Order service 

    There are several ways you can request an order for temporary service, including:  

    Order service for rental units 

    Property owners and managers may order temporary electric power by first completing a Landlord Agreement with SRP.  

    Known as an “automatic turn-on,” a Landlord Agreement is available to property owners and managers looking to establish temporary electric power for cleanups and the showing of rental units between tenants.  

    Landlord Agreements are a time-saving convenience, eliminating the need for apartment owners and managers to have power turned on in their name after a tenant disconnects service. SRP will automatically transfer the electric account for a rental unit to the owner or manager without charge. However, Landlord Agreements will be terminated if units are rented with utilities included in the cost of rental or are converted to condominiums.   

    A property owner or manager who already has a permanent SRP electric account in their name may initiate a Landlord Agreement for a property with at least 10 units. A $40 deposit is required for each unit/account covered by the agreement. No additional fees are assessed for service to individual units.

    For more information, review the Landlord Agreement Terms.