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Window replacement rebate

Earn a rebate of $3 per square foot from SRP on professionally installed ENERGY STAR® rated replacement windows.

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    Why upgrade your windows?

    Improving the performance of your windows is an essential part of an energy-efficient upgrade to your home because it reduces energy waste associated with leaks, improves comfort and increases your home’s value. According to energystar.gov, these windows increase efficiency by blocking 70% or more of the solar heat gain in the summer and reflecting radiant heat indoors during winter.

    Windows and skylights that earn the ENERGY STAR label meet performance criteria that are more efficient than basic building code requirements and vary by climate. Upgrading to ENERGY STAR certified windows lowers household energy bills by an average of 12%, according to energystar.gov.

    More benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified windows and skylights

    Energy savings

    ENERGY STAR qualified windows and skylights feature advanced technologies such as invisible glass coating, vacuum-sealed spaces filled with inert gas between the panes, improved framing materials, better weatherstripping, and warm edge spacers, all of which reduce undesirable heat gain and loss.

    Improved comfort

    Compared to less efficient windows, ENERGY STAR qualified windows help keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This is because they can block 70% or more of the solar heat gain in the summer and reflect radiant heat indoors during winter.

    Protection of your home's interior

    Photographs, furniture, flooring and window treatments can fade or discolor after repeated exposure to direct sunlight. An ENERGY STAR qualified window with special (Low-E) coating can reduce fading by up to 75%, according to energystar.gov.

    Independently tested

    The energy performance of all ENERGY STAR qualified windows and skylights is independently tested and certified according to procedures established by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). NFRC is a third-party nonprofit organization that sponsors certified rating and labeling programs to help consumers compare the energy and performance features of windows and skylights. 

    How to get your rebate

    For a referral to a licensed contractor or for more information about the application process, call the SRP Rebate Program at (602) 264-3108(602) 264-3108.

    Earn a rebate of $3 per square foot from SRP on professionally installed ENERGY STAR rated replacement windows. Here’s how:

    Rebate Program Requirements

    To participate, you must:

    • Be a permanent SRP residential electric customer who lives in a single-family detached home, mobile home or condominium/townhouse.
    • Replace your home’s existing windows with new ENERGY STAR rated windows that meet minimum efficiency ratings with a U-factor of less than or equal to .32 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of less than or equal to .23. Ask your contractor for information on available windows that meet the rebate requirements.
    • Have the replacement windows installed in a home that has had permanent electric service from SRP for more than one year.
    • Have the replacement windows installed before April 30, 2024, by a contractor licensed in Arizona to install windows.
    • Allow, upon request, SRP or our agent to inspect the newly installed windows to verify compliance with SRP Replacement Window Rebate requirements.

    More things to know:

    • New construction homes do not qualify for the rebate.
    • Please read the Terms and ConditionsDocument is a PDF for complete program requirements.
    • Incentives are not limited to whole-house installations within the qualified space of the home and can be applied for as windows are replaced. However, window units that have previously received an incentive through the program do not qualify for additional incentives if replaced.
    • Replacement window installations before Jan. 1, 2024, do not qualify for the rebate.
    • There are currently federal tax credits for the cost of purchasing ENERGY STAR windows and skylights for 30% of the cost up to $600. Exterior windows or skylights must meet the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient criteria. This tax credit is available through Dec. 31, 2032. Learn more about this tax creditOpen new site..
    • The Department of Energy (DOE) offers a Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) available for households with lower incomes that qualify for Supplemental Security Income and Aid to Families with Dependent Children and that meet other income eligibility criteria. This program includes a home energy assessment and common home improvements such as repairing windows or replacing a few damaged windows but does not generally replace a whole house full of windows. Some programs also offer storm windows. Some programs also offer storm windows. See additional information.Open new site.
    *Terms and conditions are listed on page 1 of the rebate application. SRP reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion or its terms and conditions at any time.