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ENERGY STAR® rebates for Phoenix homebuilders

More than 80% of consumers trust ENERGY STAR as the EPA-backed symbol of energy efficiency. Greater Phoenix homebuilders can now take advantage of the ENERGY STAR brand name while securing incentives through SRP’s ENERGY STAR Homes program.

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    Rebate details

    Incentives shall be determined by the home’s total estimated annual kWh savings as compared to a code-built home.

    Through this rebate program, Phoenix-area homebuilders will:

    • Receive support from SRP for marketing homes to potential buyers.
    • Earn government-backed recognition by meeting a higher standard of excellence.
    • Build better quality, more consistent homes by meeting over 150 critical construction details, ensuring better process control and greater ROI.
    • Get ahead of the curve by adapting to upcoming code requirements before they become mandatory.

    Incentive structure

    Rebate Funds Available

    Last updated:  Jan 18, 2023


    The program’s fiscal year is from May 1, 2021 through April 30, 2022.

    For a home certified ON or AFTER May 1, 2021, the following incentive structure will be in place:

    Achievement Incentive
    kWh savings over code-built home (annual estimated) $.12 per kWh
    Electric vehicle (EV)-ready space $300 per home

    SRP will pay incentives for eligible new homes on a first-come, first-served basis until all incentive funding has been depleted for the fiscal year.

    How to get started with SRP’s ENERGY STAR Homes program

    Take these steps to qualify for ENERGY STAR incentives from SRP:

    1. Become an ENERGY STAR PartnerOpen new site..
    2. Complete an online application on SRP's Program PortalOpen new site..
    3. Enroll eligible communities.
    4. Register homes (completed by designated rater).
    5. Complete construction.
    6. Submit testing certification for each home (completed by designated rater).
    7. Receive the SRP incentive.

    You may also call Rebecca Smout at (602) 236-2489 or email Rebecca.Smout@srpnet.com.


    Energy Star Market Leader Award 2019