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Home electric vehicle (EV) charger rebate

In the market for an EV charger? SRP customers can save instantly by shopping on SRP Marketplace™. You can also apply for a rebate on an eligible charger purchased elsewhere.

On this page:

    Find instant rebates on SRP Marketplace

    SRP customers can save $250 on a Level 2 smart charger by shopping SRP Marketplace.

    Bought your charger elsewhere? You could still get a rebate.

    If you've recently purchased or are considering purchasing an eligible charger from somewhere other than SRP Marketplace, you can still apply for a rebate. Only new chargers are eligible for the rebate. Secondhand or previously owned chargers are not eligible for rebates. Apply onlineOpen new site.

    Rebate-eligible chargers  

    See our list of eligible chargers below to find out if yours qualifies.  
    Please keep in mind that SRP doesn’t endorse any particular manufacturer or brand. We recommend doing your own research and choosing a charger that fits your needs. 

    Make Model
    Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite Home
    ChargePoint  CPH12-L12 
    ChargePoint  CPH12-L12-P  
    ChargePoint  CPH25-L25  
    ChargePoint  CPH25-L18  
    ChargePoint  CPH25-L18-P  
    ChargePoint  CPH50-NEMA6-50-L23  
    ChargePoint  CPH50-NEMA 14-50-L23 
    ClipperCreek  HCS-40 (JuiceNet edition)  
    Electrify America  HomeStation 
    Enel X  JuiceBox 32  
    Enel X  JuiceBox 40  
    Enel X  JuiceBox 48 
    FLO FLO Home X5 
    Ford Connected Charge Station 
    Ford Charger Station Pro
    GM Ultium PowerUP
    GM Ultium PowerUP+
    Rivian Wall Charger
    Tesla Wall Connector 
    Wallbox Pulsar Plus 40A
    Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48A


    Program requirements

    • Rebates applicable to new EV charger purchases only.
    • Purchases through auction websites (Ebay, and others) are not eligible for rebates.
    • Tesla Mobile Connector, Rivian Portable Charger and other portable chargers are not eligible.

    To qualify for an SRP EV Smart Charger rebate, you must: 

    • Be a permanent SRP residential electric customer.
    • Have purchased your EV smart charger on or after Jan. 1, 2022, and submitted a rebate application within 90 days of purchase. (There’s a two-charger limit per SRP residential account number within a five-year period.)
    • Abide by the rules and rebate levels in effect at the date of purchase.
    • Allow SRP to inspect your EV smart charger(s) if requested.

    Get expert installation with Qmerit

    Ready to install your Level 2 home charger? Qmerit is SRP’s trusted partner for home charging installation. With upfront estimates and ongoing support, their turnkey installation services ensure the highest quality and a seamless customer experience.

    Level 1 or Level 2: What’s the difference?

    Compare the two below to find out which level is right for you. 

    Level 1 Level 2
    • Typically comes with the vehicle when purchased. 
    • Uses a standard 120-volt wall outlet.  
    • Usually, these chargers don't require changes to your current electrical panels or home wiring. 
    • Most plug-in hybrid EVs will fully charge in 4–6 hours. A battery electric vehicle may take 12–24 hours to fully charge. 
    • Work with a licensed electrician to make sure your home has an electrical circuit breaker panel that is at least 15- or 20-amp, single pole. 
    • An upgrade from standard-issue chargers. 
    • Uses a standard 240-volt wall outlet.  
    • Usually, these chargers require an electrician to install a dedicated circuit from the electrical panel to a wall near your EV's parking spot. 
    • Charging power is increased 4–6 times, cutting the typical full charge time for a battery electric vehicle down to 4–8 hours. 
    • Work with a licensed electrician to make sure your home has a two-pole 30- to 50-amp electrical circuit breaker panel. 


    This program is in partnership with the Electric League of Arizona (ELA). For questions, call ELA at (602) 264-3108 or email srpinfo@elaz.org.

    SRP reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion and its terms and conditions at any time.