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    Summer savings tips

    Summer may be winding down, but there are still plenty of hot days ahead for Arizona. Here are three easy ways you can beat the heat and lower your energy bill:

    • Weatherize your doors and windows. Add weatherstripping to ensure cracks are sealed and air isn’t leaking into or out of your home.
    • Replace disposable air filters or clean permanent ones at least once a month. A dirty air filter forces your AC unit to work extra hard and drives up energy costs.
    • Install shade screens or window film on your windows and get an SRP rebate. About 50% of the heat that enters your home comes through the windows.

    Taking the time to make these small changes around your home can really add up to help you save energy and money. SRP also offers many home improvement rebates and discounts on smart thermostats, replacing your air conditioner, adding attic insulation and more. Visit savewithsrp.com to learn more.

    Options available for EV owners

    Owning an electric vehicle (EV) has many benefits, like being able to skip the gas station, cheaper vehicle registration fees and minimal maintenance. Also, SRP provides tools to help you get the most benefits out of your EV. Here are just a couple:

    EV Price Plan: Sign up for the SRP Electric Vehicle Price Plan™ to help control your energy and save on your monthly bill by charging your EV during lower-priced super off-peak hours. On average, customers save 9% when switching from the Basic Price Plan to the EV Price Plan when they use most of their energy during off-peak hours.*

    SRP EV Community Central™: Join by registering your EV with SRP and get plugged into opportunities, news and other SRP EV initiatives. Best of all? You’ll get a $50 SRP bill credit simply for joining. Sign up at srp.net/EVcommunity.

    If you do not currently own an electric vehicle but are considering purchasing one, visit srp.net/EV to learn more.

    *Based on SRP analysis of one year of customer usage through April 2020.

    Emergency preparedness

    National Preparedness Month is recognized each September to promote disaster and emergency planning in an effort to make unforeseen disasters seem a little less overwhelming. As outlined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on ready.gov/septemberOpen new site., it’s encouraged that individuals engage in planning, educating youth and connecting with their communities. Find more information and checklists on their webpage.

    Some additional recommendations:

    • ESTABLISH a family plan and prepare “go bags” for everyone in advance.
    • SIGN UP for SRP alerts that may impact your area at srp.net/outagealerts.
    • FAMILIARIZE yourself with home utilities and learn how to shut off water, power and gas.
    • STOCKPILE nonperishable food, medicine and water, setting aside enough to sustain your family for up to 72 hours.
    • CREATE an evacuation plan and discuss zones.
    • CONSIDER mobile chargers and power cells for emergency electricity.
    • ENSURE that everyone has key contacts in their phones and devices.

    In addition, and perhaps most importantly, visit srp.net/medical to sign up for SRP’s Medical Preparedness Program if you or your loved ones rely on electrical life-sustaining medical equipment. Doing so will alert you if you need to seek relocation during the event of a planned outage.

    SRP customers step up to support forest health

    More than 1,600 acres of critical forests that contain the watersheds for the Valley’s water have been thinned and restored thanks to the help of SRP customers.

    Over the last three years, almost $800,000 has been raised to support the SRP Healthy Forest Initiative™ (HFI), a customer-funded program that supports strategic forest thinning projects to help reduce the risk and devastating impacts of catastrophic wildfires and protect the health of the watersheds that provide water to the Valley.

    The community-funded initiative is part of SRP’s 2035 Sustainability Goals to protect the health of the watersheds through forest restoration treatments. The work is done through partnerships, education and support for industry to thin 50,000 acres per year or 500,000 acres of unhealthy overgrown forested lands by 2035.

    To read more about which projects the HFI has helped support, visit srp.net/HFI.

    Did you know?

    Skip a winter lawn this year.

    Did you know that more than 8,000 gallons of water is needed for every 1,000 square feet of winter ryegrass planted? As one of the Valley’s largest suppliers of water, SRP reminds you that there are many benefits of not planting a winter lawn.

    Save time: There’s no need to scalp your lawn, prepare the seedbed, seed, water or mow.

    Save water: Getting ryegrass seed to germinate requires watering three times a day. Dormant Bermuda grass needs to be 
    watered only once a month from November to February — even less if we get winter rain.

    Save money: Save on the cost of seed, labor, water, and gasoline or electricity for mowing and weed whacking. Also, wastewater (sewer) rates are often determined by your winter water usage. If you use more water in the winter, your wastewater rate may be higher throughout the rest of the year.

    For more water-saving tips, visit srp.net/conservation.

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