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Become part of SRP’s diverse supply chain

SRP is committed to working with a diverse coalition of business partners and fostering economic empowerment. Learn what types of suppliers we’re looking for and how you can become one here.

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    Corporate spending that reflects our communities

    The suppliers we work with at SRP share our commitment to inclusion. We're working toward a makeup of corporate spending that's as diverse as the communities we serve. We're proud to partner with:

    • Small local businesses
    • Minority-owned businesses
    • Woman business enterprises
    • Veteran and service-disabled veteran enterprises
    • LGBTQ and other underserved businesses
    • Disabled-owned businesses

    SRP’s diverse managed spend in FY23 was $254M or 19% of total managed spend. SRP was able to achieve this by utilizing 684 small, local, and diverse suppliers.

    For your company to be classified as a diverse business, SRP requires proof of certification. We accept certification from the following organizations:

    • The National Minority Supplier Development Council (and/or any of its affiliates)
    • The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (and/or any of its affiliates)
    • Government agencies and/or entities (City of Phoenix, etc.)
    • State agencies and/or entities (Arizona Department of Transportation, etc.)
    • Clearinghouses
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    Contact the Supplier Diversity team at (602) 236-8671, or email:


    Second-tier spend

    SRP captures diverse spend data through reporting from our suppliers.  A second-tier spend formula is provided below to help calculate second-tier diverse spend from SRP.   

    Current second-tier spend formula:

    kWhon your SRP bill

    Second-tier spend with SRP

    Second-tier spend example:

    Company A uses 6,025 kWh per month.


    Company A could claim second-tier spend of $37.36 per month through SRP.

    Diversity makes our communities and businesses stronger

    This simple truth drives everything we do. By engaging with woman-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses, as well as LGBTQ and small local businesses, we’re working to foster economic empowerment and provide a sustainable supply chain marketplace for goods and services. 

    A commitment to inclusion

    SRP is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and carries these values into our workplace, our focus on customer needs, and our community investments. Learn more about SRP.

    Impacts of global supply chain disruptions on SRP

    Supply chain disruptions are nothing new to SRP. In general, utilities, including SRP, are accustomed to dealing with temporary disruptions such as those caused by weather-related events. However, over the past couple of years, the global supply chain has experienced disruption at a mass level previously unseen. The challenges, spurred on by reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing geopolitical tensions, have wreaked havoc across the entire supply chain, spanning all industry and business.

    SRP is not immune and has felt the impacts, including price increases from inflation and production-related supply shortages as well as extended lead times related to logistics bottlenecks and labor shortages.

    SRP's Supply Chain team has taken proactive steps to fulfill SRP's commitment to provide an uninterrupted supply of water and power to our customers. The Supply Chain team works closely with SRP's customer-facing business areas, regularly reviewing scheduled work to ensure SRP has the necessary materials to support our customers and shareholders. Reviews provide opportunities for:

    • Accurate lead time estimating for ordering and receiving materials
    • Adjusting inventory levels to support future business needs
    • Managing supplier relationships to establish preferred customer status and working with key suppliers to develop innovative solutions
    • Targeted strengthening of SRP's supplier base to address gaps and respond to the rapidly changing supply chain landscape
    • Maintaining amicable relationships with other utilities to leverage access to materials

    SRP's collaborative approach has resulted in successfully ensuring the continuity of the supplies and services required to meet SRP's business objectives.