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How to request a streetlight repair

To ensure quick repair, please review the information below first.

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    Is it a hazard?

    The following issues require immediate attention: leaning, bent or fallen poles, exposed electrical wires, hanging fixtures, open/damaged J-boxes, and missing hand hole covers.

    Call us immediately at (602) 236-8888(602) 236-8888. For Spanish-speaking only, please call (602) 236-1111(602) 236-1111.

    Requests submitted online are reviewed and processed between 6 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you are concerned that the streetlight problem is a safety issue, call us. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7.

    Find out who owns the streetlight

    Streetlights may be owned by SRP, the city, HOAs or property management companies. Repairs and maintenance issues are the responsibility of the streetlight owner.

    All streetlights have an ownership code located on the pole that consists of a one- to two-letter prefix followed by a number. Use the ownership code to determine the correct entity to contact for repairs.

    Use the guide below to determine the streetlight owner and request repairs

    Ownership code begins with Streetlight owner Reporting a problem or requesting repair
    A (security light) SRP Submit a repair request
    XX (streetlight) SRP Submit a repair request
    AP City of Apache Junction (480) 982-1055
    AV City of Avondale (623) 333-4201 for repairs or other issues, or use their online form.
    CH City of Chandler (480) 782-3460 for repairs, or use their online form.
    C Customer Owned Lighting Report to your HOA/Property Management Company
    GI Town of Gilbert (480) 503-6400 for repairs, or use their online form.
    GL City of Glendale (623) 930-2940 for repairs, or use their online form.
    GU Town of Guadalupe (480) 730-3080
    ME City of Mesa (480) 644-3191
    PE City of Peoria (623) 773-7432 for repairs, or use their online form.
    SC City of Scottsdale (480) 312-5620
    PH City of Phoenix (602) 495-5125 or use their online form.
    QU Town of Queen Creek For repairs, use their online form.
    SH Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) (602) 712-7856
    TE City of Tempe (480) 350-4311 or use their online form.
    TO City of Tolleson (623) 936-7141


    New installations or removals

    • For SRP security light installation (HOAs, churches, schools and government accounts only), please call (602) 236-8833(602) 236-8833.
    • For SRP security light removals, please call (602) 236-8833(602) 236-8833.
    • For municipal street lighting requests, please contact your local municipality.
    • A private contractor can be hired for all other installations.

    SRP-owned streetlights

    SRP only maintains streetlights that have an ownership code beginning with “A” or “XX.” If you are unable to determine who owns the streetlight, we recommend that you contact either the city, town or HOA/property management company, if there is one.

    Repair requests submitted for streetlights that SRP does not own will not be processed. If you are unsure of the owner, either call or submit your request to your local municipality.

    Repair time frame

    On average, SRP streetlights are repaired within 15 business days. In some cases, such as when there is a power issue, repairs can take up to 30 days.