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SRP offers support for teachers

Our goal is to empower teachers to power tomorrow. Solving the future’s biggest challenges starts with fueling creativity in the classroom today.

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    That’s why SRP is dedicated to helping teachers design classrooms where innovation thrives and every student can succeed.

    Resources for your classroom

    Teachers and schools aren’t always provided with the tools they need to help students grow. SRP is lending a hand with:

    Professional development for teachers

    We believe in helping teachers teach. So for the past 16 years, we’ve provided complimentary teacher training on water and power topics to educate and excite students about the world around them.

    Additional Partnership Workshops and Trainings

    Please join SRP and the Arizona Department of Education for a very special professional development opportunity with nationally recognized author and educator Brett Moulding. This training on three-dimensional science learning will take place over three days (one day in January and two days in June) for two different cohorts. To register for the K–6 educator cohort, click hereOpen new site.. To register for the 6–12 educator cohort, click hereOpen new site..

    A long history of supporting teachers

    By investing in education, we’re investing in the future of the communities we serve. SRP focuses on enhancing learning in the math and science fields to prepare students for a wide range of careers in an ever-changing world.

    Read more about our continued efforts to make a difference in and out of the classroom: