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Our story

At SRP, we believe in building a better Arizona one innovative step at a time.

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    Delivering reliable and affordable water and power since 1903

    Salt River Project, or SRP, is a community-based, not-for-profit organization providing affordable water and power to more than 2 million people in central Arizona.  

    It’s made up of two separate organizations: the “Association,” a private water corporation founded in 1903, and the “District,” an electricity provider formed as an agricultural improvement district and a political subdivision of the State of Arizona in 1937.  
    By providing these essential resources for more than a century, we’ve helped the Phoenix metropolitan area develop and thrive. 

    Our guiding principles have remained the same since our founding – to act in the best interest of the people we serve and strive to help build a better future for Arizona. See how decisions get made.

    It all started with ranchers, farmers and a massive dam 

    Theodore Roosevelt Dam, to be exact. The ranchers and farmers who lived in the area pledged their own land to get the dam built as a way to tame the raging waters of the Salt River. They formed the Salt River Valley Water Users’ Association, the founding group of SRP. Explore more SRP history.

    Our mission

    We serve our customers and communities by providing reliable, affordable and sustainable water and energy.

    We’re holding ourselves to this with an ambitious set of goals that center on:

    • Reducing our carbon footprint
    • Ensuring water resiliency
    • Meeting customer needs through a modern, resilient energy grid
    • Promoting a sustainable supply chain and reducing waste
    • Engaging with our communities 

    We strive to reflect the communities in which we live and work

    Diversity helps make our communities and businesses stronger – that's why we put it at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and we carry these values into our workplace, our focus on customer needs, and our community investments. SRP builds strong relationships with our customers, employees and community members through meaningful engagement. By listening and learning, we can better understand and incorporate their diverse needs, values and perspectives into our planning and decision-making.

    In our communities

    We support diversity in the communities we serve through volunteering, financial contributions and educational programs that address underserved needs.

    In our suppliers

    We’re committed to supporting a broad coalition of diverse business partners, including woman-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses.

    In our workforce

    We provide equal employment opportunities in order to gain unique perspectives and solutions that best serve our customers.

    See why you belong here

    See what we accomplished together last fiscal year

    The annual fiscal report reflects our continued pledge to provide sustainable, affordable and reliable power and water and help the Phoenix metropolitan area develop and thrive. 

    Download the 2023 Annual ReportDocument is a PDF to learn more. Our 2023 Combined Financial StatementsDocument is a PDF are also available, as well as the SRP annual reports from 2022Document is a PDF, 2021Document is a PDF and 2020Document is a PDF

    Financial data, FY23 ($000)

    Total operating revenues  $4,021,546
    Total operating expenses  $4,313,633 
    Net (expenses) revenues for the year  ($361,530) 
    Utility plant, gross  $18,621,890 
    Electric revenue contributions to support water operations  $60,730 
    Taxes & tax equivalents $165,514 
    Debt ratio  45.2 
    Debt service coverage ratio  3.4 
    Employees, year-end  5,132 

    SRP operates on a fiscal year of May 1 through April 30. 

    Water data, Calendar Year 2022

    Water service area  375 square miles 
    Watershed area  13,000 square miles 
    Water deliveries  756,780 acre-feet 
    Storage capacity  2,306,690 acre-feet 
    Water in storage, fiscal year-end  2,278,609 acre-feet 
    Runoff 575,223 acre-feet 

    Water data is by calendar year ending Dec. 31, 2022, unless otherwise noted.

    Power data, FY23

    Electric service area  2,800 square miles 
    Electric customers, year-end  1,135,988
    Peak - SRP retail customers (kW) 7,620,000 
    Total electric sales (million kWh) 37,401
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