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Business rate plans

Your business is unique and so are your energy needs. Find the rate plan that's right for your business. Your Strategic Energy Manager can help.

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    SRP business plans

    Businesses today have a wide range of energy needs. That’s why SRP offers a variety of rate plans so you can choose one that helps your business save money.

    General Service Plan

    Consistency is key with this plan. By avoiding spikes in your energy demand, you’ll pay less per kilowatt-hour. 

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    Business Time-of-Use

    Off-peak pricing is about one-third the cost of on-peak pricing, so by reducing energy usage during times of high demand, your business can save.

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    Large General Service Plans

    Ideal for large operations like warehouses and manufacturing facilities that bill significant kilowatt-hours at varying levels of metered service.

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    Lighting Service Plan

    Ideal for municipal, state, county or other government entities that manage traffic lights, streetlights, etc.

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    Pumping Plans

    Ideal for organizations that operate wells for commercial agricultural and municipal water delivery.

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    Connect with your SEM

    As an SRP business customer, you have a Strategic Energy Manager (SEM) dedicated to supporting your business. Your SEM can help you find the best business rate plan and rebates that could save your company money and energy. 

    If you’re an existing customer, you can find your SEM’s name and phone number on your SRP bill. Don’t have one yet? Call us at (602) 236-8833(602) 236-8833 or email bizcenter@srpnet.com.