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    2024 All-Source RFP

    SRP has launched an All-Source RFP for Peaking Capacity.

    SRP’s service territory continues to experience significant growth. This continued projected growth, combined with potential challenges with new resource development, planned coal retirements and ongoing Colorado River drought conditions, creates a need for additional power generation resources to ensure that SRP can maintain reliable electric service through the end of the decade.

    Accordingly, SRP is issuing this RFP to seek additional resources that can provide at least 700 MW at the summer peak to be online as early as Dec. 1, 2028, and at least an additional 500 MW by Dec. 1, 2029, subject to load forecasts.

    SRP also seeks to add up to 2,500 MW of new carbon-free resources by Dec. 1, 2029. SRP has established ambitious carbon intensity reduction goals and recognizes that not all resources that provide capacity will also provide carbon-free energy.

    This RFP will also consider proposals for resources that require longer development times, estimated to be online between 2030 and 2032. Examples of long-development projects include but are not limited to non-battery-based long duration storage projects, geothermal or generation resources with new transmission.

    SRP will be developing self-build options for flexible natural gas, solar and storage projects to address a portion of the resource need. Proposals submitted to the 2024 RFP will be compared to the SRP self-build options. SRP expects to present the top scoring resource options and recommendations to its Board of Directors in early 2025.

    See the 2024 All Source RFP.Document is a PDF

    How to participate

    This RFP will remain open until May 3, 2024 and is available through the Wood Mackenzie Supply Chain Sourcing Intelligence® platform accessible via poweradvocate.comOpen new site.. The platform will serve as the means of communication between Bidders and SRP. All response material to the Proposal, including necessary attachments, must be uploaded using the platform.

    If your company is interested in participating in the RFP, please contact our bid event coordinators, Brandon Ortiz (brandon.ortiz@woodmac.com) and Jack Robinson (jack.robinson@woodmac.com) to be added to this particular event.

    New users

    • Click the Supplier Registration LinkOpen new site. and follow all of the on-screen instructions to create a new account. Once you have completed registration, you will not need to register again in the future. Your account will be active in the system and will be available for any future events. Please e-mail Brandon Ortiz (brandon.ortiz@woodmac.com) and Jack Robinson (jack.robinson@woodmac.com) to advise that you have registered via the platform and are interested in participating in this RFP. You will be able to log in and view the RFP once it has opened by going to poweradvocate.comOpen new site. and clicking the “Login” button.

    Existing users

    • If you are an existing user with an active account, you will be able to log in and view the RFP once the RFP has opened by going to poweradvocate.comOpen new site. and clicking the “Login” button. Please e-mail brandon.ortiz@woodmac.com and jack.robinson@woodmac.com to advise that you are registered via the platform and are interested in participating in this RFP.
    • If you have forgotten your username or password, please use the "forgot username or password" link.

    At any time during the RFP process, a Bidder may return to poweradvocate.comOpen new site. to log on to the RFP, download the documentation, complete the online datasheet information and/or upload Bidder responses.

    For questions about the system, please reach out to the Wood Mackenzie Supply Chain help desk at (857) 453-5800 or via email at support@poweradvocate.com.