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Grid management and improvement projects

SRP is committed to providing our customers with safe and reliable energy. See the projects we’re currently working on to make our grid more resilient, efficient and secure for years to come.

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    Generating power: SRP power plant projects

    Discover the major power plants and generating facilities we’re planning, siting and constructing to meet the Valley’s energy needs.

    Coolidge Generating Station

    The Coolidge Expansion Project (CEP) will position SRP to meet increasing energy needs, add more renewable resources, and maintain the power grid well into the future.

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    Copper Crossing Energy and Research Center

    The proposed continued development will complement the existing solar generation at the site and is expected to feature generating resources needed to support and enable SRP’s transition to a lower carbon resource portfolio.

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    Storing power: Pumped storage hydropower

    Pumped storage hydropower is a type of hydroelectric energy storage that can help increase SRP’s supply of affordable and reliable energy.

    Salt River Pumped Storage Project

    SRP is exploring opportunities to expand hydropower on the existing Salt River reservoir system.

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    Carrying power through the Valley: SRP transmission projects

    These projects are in progress to site, build, update or maintain the electric system that distributes power from power plants to substations around Arizona.

    Voltage: 230 kV & 500 kV | Phase: Proposed
    South Mountain Transmission Project

    SRP is proposing to build new 500/230/69-kilovolt (kV) substation, two sets of new overhead double-circuit 230 kV transmission lines, and two new sets of overhead 500 kV transmission lines.

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    Voltage: 230 kV | Phase: Construction

    SRP will build a double-circuit 230 kV transmission line connecting two SRP-owned and previously sited 230/69 kV substations.

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    Voltage: 230 kV | Phase: Construction
    High-Tech Interconnect Project (HIP)

     A transmission project that will provide reliable power to the recently announced $20 billion expansion of Intel’s Chandler campus.

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    Voltage: 230 kV | Phase: Construction
    Project Huckleberry

    A proposed half-mile 230 kV transmission line and substation that are required to provide reliable power to serve Meta’s data center located at the southeast corner of Elliot and Ellsworth roads in Mesa.

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    Voltage: 230 kV | Phase: Construction
    Project Red Hawk

    Formerly the Allium Project. SRP will provide energy services and infrastructure to a commercial customer on its 187-acre parcel for a data center located in east Mesa, Arizona.

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    Voltage: 230 kV | Phase: Construction
    Southeast Power Link

    SRP will build 7 miles of new overhead 230 kV power lines and a new 230/69 kV receiving station. A half-mile of the approved route will be located in Queen Creek with the remainder in Mesa.

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    Voltage: 115 kV | Phase: Design
    Superior - Silver King Relocation

    At the request of Resolution Copper Mining, LLC, SRP will relocate approximately 1 mile of an existing 115 kV line on Resolution's property.

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    Permitted corridors

    See our 500 kV projects that are permitted but not yet in design or construction.

    • Palo Verde - Pinal WestDocument is a PDF: Project will allow SRP to construct a second single-circuit 500 kV line from the Hassayampa Switchyard to the Pinal West Substation. Learn more
    • Palo Verde - SaguaroDocument is a PDF: Project will allow for construction of a 500 kV transmission line from the Palo Verde Generating Station to the Saguaro RS.
    • Saguaro - WinchesterDocument is a PDF: Project will allow for construction of a 500 kV line from the Saguaro Generating Station to the Winchester Substation.
    • Pinnacle Peak - BrandowDocument is a PDF: Project will allow SRP to co-locate a circuit on the existing Pinnacle Peak - Brandow/Papago Buttes 230 kV line.

    Bringing power to your home: SRP distribution projects

    Explore the power line projects we’re working on to help ensure efficient and safe delivery of electricity to homes and businesses.

    Humphrey-Turpen 69 kV Transmission Project

    We’re building a 69 kV line that will connect from the Humphrey Substation on Riggs and Lindsay roads to the Turpen Substation on Appleby and Lindsay roads.

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    Hartman Project

    This project will support a commercial customer in the Elliot Road Technology Corridor in Mesa with new electric infrastructure.

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    Honor-Pico Project

    We’re constructing a new 69 kV transmission line that will connect from the existing Honor Switchyard located near 36th Street and McDowell Road to the Pico Substation located near 52nd Street and McDowell Road.

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    Anderson Wilkins, Bartlett Parker, Bartlett Wilkins 69kv Project

    We’re building a 69 kV line that will connect from the Anderson Substation at 7th Avenue and Baseline Road to the Wilkins Substation at 48th Street and Southern Avenue; a second 69 kV line that will connect Bartlett Substation at 40th Street and Fremont Street to the Parker Substation at 40th Street and Wier Avenue; and a third 69 kV line that will connect Bartlett Substation at 40th Street and Fremont Street to the Wilkins Substation at 48th Street and Southern Avenue.

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    How the electric grid works

    The electrical grid is a highly complex system that delivers electricity to homes and businesses. It can be broken down into three key steps:



    Electricity starts at a generator, which can be powered by fossil fuels, wind turbines, solar panels, water or nuclear reactors.



    After power is generated, it moves throughout the Valley through transmission lines – those large power lines you often see along the road.



    Electricity travels through overhead or underground power lines and into your home.

    Developing the next-generation power grid

    Grid enhancements will include quicker outage restoration, improved cybersecurity and better integration with renewable sources.

    SRP projects at your home

    To maintain the power grid and ensure reliable delivery to your home, it’s critical to allow SRP crew members access to equipment for repairs and maintenance.

    See what to expect and how to prepare for SRP's cable replacement and maintenance process.

    1. First, we’ll need access.
      If we need to access equipment in your yard, we’ll send a letter, leave a door hanger or call you to let you know.

      We do our best to inform you in advance; however, our crews may need immediate access during planned maintenance, emergencies or storm-related damages and outages.

      When we arrive to do the work, a crew member will knock on your door and announce their intentions before starting the work. See how to verify that crew members are from SRP.
    2. We try our best to avoid outages.
      It's possible that a line may need to be de-energized while work is being done.

      You may be affected by a brief outage, but in most cases, this will only be for a short period of time.

      If a new wire is being installed, another outage may be necessary at a later date. In that case, SRP will notify you at least two days in advance of the planned power outage.

      If you have a medical condition and depend on a medical device that requires electricity, please contact the Public Involvement Agent listed on your construction phase letter for more information.
    3. Sometimes digging is necessary.
      Digging is necessary when working on an underground electrical conduit. Our designers will always choose the path of least resistance and work to avoid conflict with existing underground structures.

      At the end of a project, our team is dedicated to restoring a site to its former state as best as possible.
    4. We’re available — and happy — to resolve any issues.
      Our Public Involvement Representative will send a series of letters including the SRP Public Involvement Representative responsible for your project.

      Please contact the  Representative listed on your letter and we’ll be happy to address your concerns as soon as possible.

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