Santan Neighborhood Committee meetings

In cooperation with the Arizona Corporation Commission and various agencies, SRP coordinated the development of the Santan Neighborhood Committee (SNC) in compliance with Condition #19 of the Certificate of Environmental Compatibility.

The SNC is composed of representatives from five of the homeowner associations in the area (Cottonwood Crossing, Finley Farms South, Rancho Cimarron, Silverstone Ranch and Western Skies), the Maricopa County Air Quality Division, Arizona Department of Health Services, the Town of Gilbert, and a registered engineer who is not affiliated with SRP.

The purpose of the SNC is to review data that SRP is required to report to state and federal environmental agencies. This data consists of air and water quality, as well as noise compliance.

The SNC held its inaugural meeting on Sept. 8, 2004, and toured the Santan plant site and expansion project Jan. 15, 2005. The committee held three additional meetings, during which members were trained regarding air emission data, decibel levels and water discharge limits.

The SNC now is autonomous and self-governing. Meetings are held twice a year. For more information, call SRP Public Involvement at (602) 236-2872.

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