Santan Generating Station emergency response/contingency plan

The Santan Generating Station has in place an Integrated Contingency Plan File is a PDF to eliminate and/or minimize hazards to human health and the environment in emergency situations. This plan details the actions to be taken in the event of a medical emergency, a hazardous material release, a fire, or an explosion.

The plan outlines the general provisions of the Santan Generating Station response activities. Full disclosure is provided to emergency responding agencies through a secured website.

Should community involvement be necessary, notifications may be made through the media or through the Community Emergency Notification System (CENS). This system is operated by Maricopa County and rapidly notifies by telephone those living or working near the scene of an emergency and provides information and any required emergency instructions in English, Spanish and by a Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD).

View the Santan Generating Station Integrated Contingency Plan File is a PDF

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