Navajo Generating Station

Find news, information and re-employment resources related to the NGS decommissioning project.

Find news, information and re-employment resources related to the NGS decommissioning project.

Project information

SRP continues to fulfill its commitments to the Navajo Nation and NGS employees as we begin the decommissioning project. The plant ceased operation on Nov. 18, 2019.

The NGS closure is the largest and most complex power plant decommissioning ever undertaken by SRP. A team of SRP employees and representatives of the Navajo Nation have formed a Joint Consultation Group to ensure a successful plant decommissioning.

SRP is working with several prime contractors to plan and execute the project. Under SRP supervision, contractors will be responsible for the demolition of the generating units ("power block"), removal of the catenary electrical system that powered coal-carrying rail cars, and addressing site cleanup and restoration. Though SRP has five years to decommission NGS, it is expected to take three years to complete all major activities.


Safety is a top priority for the NGS decommissioning work. All SRP-selected contract companies have excellent safety records and have submitted safety plans to SRP for their specific decommissioning work. Each contract company will have an on-site administrator who will oversee contractor and subcontractor safety and ensure that SRP safety requirements are being met.


SRP is committed to partnering with NGS employees and the northern Arizona community to ensure a successful decommissioning. In addition to our extensive employee re-deployment efforts, SRP has invited Navajo-owned firms to bid on the decommissioning contract work.


Sustainability is at the heart of SRP. Based on initial study, SRP estimates that more than 90% of the decommissioned plant will be recycled, down to the cement. Assets to be responsibly salvaged or sold include 141 transformers, 1,900 tons of copper, 105,000 tons of steel, more than 650,000 gallons of diesel fuel and more.

In compliance with the 2014 Best Available Retrofit Technology (BART) ruling, the NGS Annual Emission Report Document is a PDF is available.