HR Online

HR Online provides information about your time records, pay stubs, personal information and tax withholdings. It can be accessed at any time both internally and externally.


HR Online is available to the following: current SRP employees, SRP retirees, survivors of SRP employees, retirees and Board and Council members, SRP Training and Conference Center at PERA employees, SRP board and council members (active and retired), former employees on leave, severed employees.

Go to HR Online and log on with the user ID and password you set-up.

If you are a first-time user enter your social security number in the user ID box and click “Send Me My User ID” button at the bottom.

Additional information about accessing HR Online, updating or retrieving your user ID or password is available here.

For additional help or questions please contact Benefits at (602) 236-3600.

After logging in to HR Online, you will be able to view:

  • Benefit elections from 2017, which include your current health care, life, disability and long term care elections, and your year-to-date deductions. Beginning in 2018, all benefits elections and open enrollment will be available on insideHR . If you do not have access to insideHR, benefits elections can be viewed and managed through the SRP Benefits Portal .
  • Personal information including home/mailing address, emergency notification, 401K/retirement beneficiary information, employment history, sick and vacation usage, dates of record ("seniority" dates) and tax withholding elections.
  • Time records and pay stubs.

Both federal tax withholdings (IRS form W-4) and Arizona tax withholdings (AZ DOR form A-4) and your HR Online user ID and password.

HR Online contains personal information and requires you to set-up a unique user ID and password. It is a self-service portal to access and manage time records, view pay stubs and tax withholdings.

InsideHR can be accessed using your SRP email and password. It is your portal to information about wellness programs, the SRP Training and Conference Center at PERA, your Total Rewards statement and additional employee program details.

Both are available internally and externally at all times, unless there is prior scheduled maintenance.

No. HR Online requires you to set-up a new user ID and password. This is to ensure your personal information is as secure as possible. InsideHR can be accessed outside SRP with your SRP email and password.

For security purposes, you will be automatically logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity on the site and you will need to log back in.

If you are having technical problems, please call the Solutions Center at (602) 236-5354.

Any other questions or to request your password be reset, contact Benefits at (602) 236-3600 during normal business hours or email

More information

HR Portal

Visit insideHR to explore detailed information about benefits, wellness programs, pay and incentives plans. InsideHR is accessible both inside and outside SRP. If you are accessing it outside SRP you will be asked to log in with your SRP email and password.

Please note: Your SRP credentials can be used to access insideHR but you will need to create a user ID and password for HR Online the first time you log on.

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