Make irrigation repairs easier with an IWDD

How SRP can help

SRP’s Assisted Irrigation Delivery District (AIDD) program helps homeowners establish an IWDD. It aims to ensure the longevity of the neighborhood Irrigation system. SRP will oversee the entire IWDD formation process with you and provide continued support.

SRP's role in establishing an IWDD:

  • Answer questions related to the neighborhood delivery system
  • Help evaluate the existing neighborhood delivery system
  • Provide all required documents to form an IWDD
  • Help complete the Application
  • Provide maps of the neighborhood delivery system
  • Attend neighborhood meetings to educate you and your neighbors about SRP and the neighborhood delivery system
  • Help you conduct meetings and provide examples of by-laws and meeting agendas
  • Attend city and county hearings to answer questions on behalf of SRP
  • Serve as a Liaison between neighbors, city and county officials

SRP is not able to:

  • Provide Tax advice
  • Provide legal advice
  • Provide referrals for vendors
  • Get bids for repairs
  • Decide IWDD boundaries
  • Set IWDD budget