SRP offers competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package. Eligible employees are covered on their first day of employment for most benefits.

  • Military benefits: Like all employees at SRP, eligible military employees receive the benefits listed below. In addition, eligible military employees receive supplemental benefits in recognition of their service to our country. These benefits include up to 176 hours of paid time off for annual training, plus two years of paid time off for active duty, emergency call-up, technical training or basic training. Employees and their dependents are also eligible for health care, pre-tax benefits, life insurance, holiday pay, sick-leave and vacation benefits as they transition from civilian life to active duty status.

  • Compensation: SRP recognizes work output and rewards skill, initiative, teamwork and flexibility. When dollars are available, a salaried pay system allows supervisors to give a little more each year to employees who demonstrate those competencies. Pay raises for hourly employees are set by contract, but the opportunities to advance ride on the same characteristics. SRP also offers an Employee Performance Incentive Compensation program that is tied to SRP's operating margin and employee performance.

  • Health care: All regular full-time, 3/4-time, and half-time employees are eligible to participate in SRP's health care program. Eligible employees can choose between four different medical options, two dental options, and a medical reimbursement account. SRP also offers a dependent care reimbursement account, vision coverage and hearing aid benefits to eligible employees.

  • Pre-tax benefits: SRP offers several pre-tax benefits to eligible employees. Eligible employees can choose from before-tax and after tax benefits under the SRP Health Care Program, the SRP Medical Reimbursement Tax Saver Plan, and the SRP Dependent Care Assistance Tax Saver Plan. These Tax Saver Accounts allow eligible employees to pay for out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. SRP also offers a high-deductible health plan with a Health Savings Account.

  • Other benefits: In addition to the benefits listed above, SRP offers a 401(k) plan, Employee Retirement Plan, vacation and holiday pay, sick leave, life insurance programs and disabiliy plans. Education and career advancement opportunities, employee recreation, and options to create a better work/life balance are also available.

Javier Rodriguez, Jr.,
Application Team Lead
Marine veteran