High-voltage and extra-high-voltage power line projects

SRP's Public Involvement department actively pursues constructive interaction with communities to site critical infrastructure.

Public Involvement incorporates technical and educational elements in its outreach efforts to the people, organizations and jurisdictional leaders in each community. The department then works to ensure that SRP project management receives constructive feedback from the communities.

Once a project is sited, Public Involvement remains in contact with the community through construction, providing a continuous thread of communication from project start to finish.

These include active 500 kV, 230 kV and 115 kV power line siting and construction projects.

500 kV

There are no 500 kV projects currently in the siting process or under construction.

230 kV

230 kV projects currently in siting, design, construction or in service:

In siting phase:

  • High-Tech Interconnect Project (HIP)
    SRP is working with the City of Chandler and Intel on the High-Tech Interconnect Project (HIP), a proposed transmission project that is required to provide reliable power to the recently announced $20 billion expansion of Intel’s Chandler campus.

In design:

  • Project Red Hawk
    Formerly the Allium Project. SRP will provide energy services and infrastructure to a commercial customer on its 187-acre parcel for a data center located near Elliot and Sossaman roads in east Mesa, Arizona.
  • Southeast Power Link
    SRP will build 7 miles of new overhead 230 kV power lines. A half-mile of the approved route will be located in Queen Creek with the remainder in Mesa. The project also includes a new 230/69 kV receiving station.
  • Abel-Pfister-Ball
    Formerly referred to as the Abel-Moody Transmission Project. SRP will build a double-circuit 230 kV transmission line connecting two SRP-owned and previously sited 230/69 kV substations. The new transmission line will also connect to a new 230/69kV substation named Pfister that was sited as part of this project. The start of pole foundation construction is scheduled for spring 2021, with an anticipated in-service date of December 2021.

In construction:

There are no 230kV projects in construction at this time.

In service:

  • Price Road Corridor
    SRP brought a new double-circuit 230 kV power line from its Knox Substation in Chandler to a 230 kV substation site, identified as Henshaw (RS-27), located in the northern section of the Price Road Corridor. The approved route runs east from the Knox Substation, primarily on the south side of the Loop 202, to the northwest portion of the Price Road Corridor. As of April 26, 2021, the Price Road Corridor project has been in-service.

115 kV

115 kV projects currently in design or construction:

  • Superior - Silver King Relocation
    At the request of Resolution Copper Mining, LLC, SRP will relocate approximately 1 mile of an existing 115 kV line on Resolution's property. This project is currently in the design phase.

Permitted corridors

See our list of permitted transmission projects that have not yet been constructed.

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