Preliminary site plan document requirements

Developers seeking new or upgraded electrical service in SRP's service territory are required to submit preliminary site plan documents in order to initiate the the infrastructure design and construction process.

Preliminary site documents need not be approved by a municipal entity. They must, however, be either a civil or architectural site plan and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Show all required buildings, curbing and other structures, along with line work that defines their exact geographic location.
  • Show bearings, and distances and curve data, for each property line and arc.
  • Show bearings and distances to known points and lines within the immediate vicinity or show at least one known point, one known line and define one distance.
  • The site plan should be in scaled PDF A3 format. CAD files will not be accepted for Site Plan input.
  • The site plan must include a vicinity map.
  • The site plan should be on a single sheet.

These document requirements are for the input of geography and geography related features into SRP's GIS system. There may be additional document requirements during distribution design to those stated here. Your project leader will notify you of those requirements.

Please note: If you're uncertain as to whether the above requirements will be met by the plans you've submitted, you can include supporting documents such as written legal descriptions, results of survey, or ALTA/ASCM surveys. However, these documents are not acceptable without a site plan and otherwise unnecessary to send.

Grading and Drainage Plans will not be accepted as an input document, but will be accepted as a reference document.

Site plan legend definitions

Distance/Bearing: Text within the drawing placed graphically near the line it defines.

Legal description:: A paragraph or series of paragraphs that provide bearings and distances and curve data that may not be shown graphically on the drawing portion of the site plan

Right-of-way (ROW) widths: Text that defines the distance between the centerline and the right of way of any street, canal, railroad or easement.

Street intersection (established tie point): The intersection of two or more street centerlines that help illustrate the location of the property, or a line with bearing and distance to an established corner of a Section (such as the Section corner, quarter-corner, 40-acre corner)