System operations and maintenance

Cable replacement projects

Cable replacement is part of SRP's comprehensive plan to improve our electrical system throughout the Valley. Typically, this involves "blue-staking" or using paint to identify existing underground utilities. Once this activity is complete, an SRP land agent may contact you or the property owner to discuss right-of-way issues that may affect your business.

Customer-required outages

SRP understands that customers sometimes require power to be temporarily turned off at their facilities for routine maintenance or equipment checks. Whatever the reason, safety is the most important part of this work.

If you have power outage questions or need to request an outage, contact your Strategic Distribution Manager or call (602)236-8833.

Important note: A city clearance is required for ALL work dealing with a customer's service entrance section. This includes repairing breakers or equipment cleaning and maintenance.

Outage Management Center

The Outage Management Center manages information as it relates to electrical outages, monitors outage orders, and provides you and your Strategic Distribution Manager with updated information as it becomes available. Upon restoration of power, we will call you to confirm service availability.

To report an outage, call 602-236-SRP1 (7771).

SRP-required outages

SRP conducts routine inspections of our distribution systems to assure a continual source of reliable power and safe operations for our customers. Occasionally, we identify equipment that requires maintenance or replacement. An outage is sometimes necessary to ensure the safety of SRP personnel while repairing those items.

SRP's standard business hours for this type of work are 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. At times we can offer customers the option to request an alternate outage date and time that are more conducive to their operations, depending on the work that needs to be completed. Please be aware that you will incur overtime fees for work scheduled outside SRP's standard business hours.

Your Strategic Distribution Manager can answer your questions regarding this process.

Power reliability

Your Strategic Distribution Manager can promptly address power reliability events that impact your business as well as any reliability concerns.

In addition, you may request a presentation from your Strategic Distribution Manager detailing SRP's electric system, reliability and performance including a report of power interruption historical data at your facility.

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