Enhanced business services

SRP's enhanced services for business construction include:

Customer substation

Customers who have total coincident demand of 11.8 MVA or greater are served from a substation dedicated to providing electrical service solely to their facility. Strategic Distribution Managers and the enhanced service project team can assist customers in determining the best kind of service(s). Installations of dedicated substations are subject to the terms and conditions of a separate Enhanced Service Contract.

Dedicated 12kV circuit

Customers whose total coincident demand is 6.7 MVA or greater, but less than 11.8 MVA, will be served from at least one (1) dedicated SRP 12kV circuit or a substation dedicated to serve only one (1) customer. The dedicated feeder circuit(s) will be provided by SRP. Installations of customer dedicated circuit are subject to the terms and conditions of a separate Enhanced Service Contract. The Strategic Distribution Managers can assist by assembling the needed Enhanced Service Project Team to determine what kind of service(s) would be best to serve the customer.

Automatic transfer switches

For customers requiring a higher level of power reliability, SRP can provide an enhanced service delivery option which includes an automatic transfer switch (ATS). An ATS monitors voltage on the 12kV distribution feeder serving the customer load. If zero voltage is detected, the ATS automatically transfers the load from the primary feeder to an alternative feeder. This transfer takes place in approximately two seconds or less. The maximum demand the ATS can switch is limited to 3,370 kVA.

For standard ATS configurations, the primary feeder and the alternate feeder are "shared" circuits with other SRP customers. Utilizing shared circuits reduces the cost of this enhanced service option. Since both of these shared feeders are typically constructed from independent substation transformers, they are generally isolated from each other on SRP's transmission (69kV) system. As a result, it is highly unlikely that emergency capacity would not be available on the alternate feeder. This enhanced service option is more that 99% reliable in providing a redundant source of power.

Contact information

Please contact your Strategic Distribution Manager if you have questions about SRP's enhanced services for business construction.

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