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Resolve problems with the SRP Ombudsman office

SRP's Consumer Ombudsman office independently investigates complaints and helps customers achieve a fair resolution of their disputes.

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    Settle unresolved service-related disputes

    Ombudsmen advocate for change on behalf of you, the customer

    Ombudsmen work directly with SRP customers and the public to settle unresolved service-related disputes against SRP.

    They also represent customer and public viewpoints in matters related to SRP policies, procedures and programs.

    In addition, SRP's ombudsmen serve as liaisons to regulatory agencies, consumer groups and social service providers.

    Before filing a complaint with the BBB or other entity/agency,
    we encourage customers to reach out directly to the Ombudsman office.

    What can the office do for you?

    • Investigate service-related disputes independently  
    • Support, reverse or negotiate prior decisions  
    • Inform management of complaints  
    • Make final determinations on matters  
    • Provide mediation

    When should I contact this office?

    If you have an unresolved complaint or problem with SRP, or if you are involved in a dispute with a neighbor over an SRP issue, the Consumer Ombudsman office can help.

    Issues commonly handled by the Ombudsman office

    • Billing and pricing
    • Credit
    • Meters
    • Solar problems
    • Irrigation
    • Electromagnetic frequency
    • Land right of way
    • Construction design
    • Vegetation management

    Know the steps to file your complaint

    Follow these steps to know when to file a complaint and understand what to expect during the process.

    1. Attempt to resolve it: SRP customers must first attempt to resolve their dispute with the department where the problem arose.
    2. Contact the Ombudsman office: If the dispute cannot be resolved, contact the Ombudsman office to see if the problem can be investigated.

    What to expect


    SRP ombudsmen investigate customer disputes independently in an effort to reach fair and satisfactory resolutions.


    After an ombudsman has investigated the dispute, they may render a decision on behalf of SRP.

    If a customer would like further review after an SRP ombudsman completes their investigation and reaches a decision, an informal customer hearing can be scheduled. The customer is invited to meet with SRP's hearing officer virtually or at one of SRP's offices to present his or her side of the issue. The hearing officer will make SRP's final determination on the disputed matter.

    Contact SRP’s Ombudsman office

    Get in touch for more information or to register a complaint. Be sure to have your account number handy as well as the details of your issue.

    Email Call Write


    (602) 236-2196 (602) 236-2196 SRP Consumer Ombudsman
    Consumer Affairs, PAB140
    P. O. Box 52025
    Phoenix, AZ 85072-2025