Land Property Management

SRP's Property Management Department provides the services listed below. Each is a link to a request form or a page with more information about the service. After you complete and submit one of the online forms, an SRP representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Initial plan review process: Start the process to review if a project/development will impact any SRP facilities or operations.

Easement information: To request information regarding an SRP power or irrigation easement.

Easement abandonments: To request an abandonment of an SRP power or irrigation easement.

Easement encroachment request: To request permission to encroach in an SRP power or irrigation easement for structures including fences, storage sheds, signs.

Leasing and licensing of SRP land: To lease or license SRP land for purposes such as parking, landscaping, commercial uses, agricultural uses.

Sale of SRP land: If parcels become available, this link will be activated and you will be able to access information and view a map of the sale property.

Special event licenses: To request event license for one- or two- day events along the canals, such as the "Duck Race," and civic events.

Exchange of USA land rights: For information on how to obtain an exchange of USA land rights administered by SRP.

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