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How to form an Irrigation Water Delivery District

An Irrigation Water Delivery District (IWDD) is an easy way to collect funds for maintaining your neighborhood irrigation system. Find the info you need to establish an IWDD.

Make irrigation repairs easier with an IWDD

An IWDD is a special taxing district that’s managed by you and your neighbors. An IWDD helps with funds to cover the cost of irrigation system upkeep, helping you stay on top of repairs. An IWDD also makes sure costs are shared equally by neighbors.

Ready to set up an IWDD in your neighborhood? We’ll help you get started.

How to start an IWDD

Once you and your neighbors agree to form an IWDD, follow the steps below to start the process with the county.

First, decide which houses will fall within the boundaries of the group. An IWDD can only be formed if "50% plus one" of individual homeowners within your proposed boundary vote to approve.

Next, you’ll need to do some paperwork. Write and submit an impact statement, a request for resolution and a petition to Maricopa County.

For guidance, download this impact statement exampleDocument is a PDF and this petition exampleDocument is a PDF. You can find more resources and all the formal details on the Maricopa County special taxing districts websiteOpen new site..

Finally, establish leaders and rules. You and your neighbors will elect trustees to govern the IWDD and, together, establish the bylaws.

How does an IWDD work?

Curious how an IWDD will work in your neighborhood? Here’s a quick overview to help you understand if it’s the right move.

  • You choose who leads. Trustees are elected by you and your neighbors and can have different roles based on your IWDD's needs and bylaws.
  • You set the rules. You and your neighbors establish the bylaws based on the needs of your private irrigation system.
  • You’ll meet annually. Unless your bylaws state otherwise, trustees hold an open annual meeting to discuss budget needs for the next year, file necessary paperwork and schedule maintenance.
  • Funds come from your property taxes. They’re collected each year through your Maricopa County property assessments, and 100% of the funds collected remain with the IWDD.

Explore the costs and benefits

Your IWDD not only collects funds, it also coordinates maintenance and repairs in a timely manner. Other benefits of an IWDD include:

  • Eliminating the task of collecting funds from neighbors.
  • Protecting your investment.
  • Maintaining reliable flood irrigation.
  • Ensuring swift repairs.
  • Providing consistent communication between the IWDD and SRP.
  • Ensuring fair and transparent management.

Costs are determined by your IWDD annual budget, which is divided by the number of acres within your IWDD. In 2016, the annual average costs for a homeowner with a 0.25 acre property was $62.50.

Here to help every step of the way

We believe in helping neighbors improve the longevity of their neighborhood Irrigation system. That’s why we offer the Assisted Irrigation Delivery District (AIDD) program – to help homeowners like you establish an IWDD.

In addition to overseeing the IWDD formation process with you, we can help:

  • Answer questions related to your neighborhood irrigation system
  • Evaluate the existing neighborhood system
  • Provide all documents required to form an IWDD
  • Complete the application
  • Provide maps of the neighborhood system
  • Attend neighborhood meetings to educate you and your neighbors about SRP and your neighborhood system
  • Hold meetings and provide examples of by-laws and meeting agendas
  • Attend city and county hearings to answer questions on behalf of SRP
  • Serve as a Liaison between neighbors, city and county officials

Ready to enlist our help? Call (602) 236-3333(602) 236-3333 and ask for an IWDD Specialist or email waterdel@srpnet.com.