Division of irrigation responsibilities

The private irrigation delivery system used to deliver water to the active irrigation customers within your neighborhood is not owned, operated or maintained by SRP.

It is the responsibility of the neighborhood to construct, operate, maintain and safely transport all ordered water from the SRP delivery gate to individuals' properties, as well as to provide reasonable access to all irrigation control structures. SRP cannot authorize any construction or maintenance within private neighborhood irrigation systems.

In accordance with the SRP articles of incorporation and bylaws, SRP provides irrigation water to the high point of the quarter section (approximately 160 acres), and it is the responsibility of irrigation customers to install, operate and maintain the neighborhood irrigation system from the SRP delivery gate to their respective properties.

SRP's responsibility to monitor irrigation water or maintain the private irrigation system the water enters into ends after the water has been delivered to this gate. After the water enters the private irrigation system, it, as well as the operation and maintenance of the private system, becomes the responsibility of the neighborhood irrigation customers.

Additionally, all easements used in connection with the private irrigation delivery system within your neighborhood are owned by the active irrigation customers within the area.

Irrigation customers who wish to help their neighbors receive water by releasing their account will need to sign SRP's Authorization and Liability Release Form Document is a PDF.

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