Recurring order program

Under the authorized recurring order program, SRP will automatically schedule your account for each available delivery for the amount of time you specify.

You will only need to notify SRP if you want to cancel a delivery or modify your requested order amount. You will still need to check online or at the neighborhood irrigation sign-up sheets for your scheduled delivery date and time, and to find out who will be irrigating before and after you.

The recurring order program is not for everyone. If you do not order water for every available deliver, or order different amounts for some of your deliveries, you should continue to use the standard water ordering methods.

If you choose to participate in the recurring order program, please carefully consider the amount of time needed for your property. You are still responsible for all water ordered and it must be contained on your property. It is very important to let SRP know if:

  • You want to change your order duration for a specific delivery.
  • You want to cancel your recurring order.
  • You will be unavailable for one or more of the deliveries.
  • You are moving.

The recurring order program is not transferable. SRP reserves the right to cancel your participation in this program at any time.

After your recurring order has been processed, your order will be placed automatically. By placing your order you agree to the following statement:

I understand that my order may not be scheduled for delivery or that the duration of my order may be limited, or adjusted to help prevent possible flooding or water loss.

Examples of circumstances that may cause an order to be cancelled or adjusted may be, but are not limited to the following: problems concerning your private irrigation facilities or delivery system, circumstances that limit the amount of water the property is able to adequately contain or non-payment of water delivery fees.

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Important notice:
You are responsible for water scheduled to your account during the posted times. Responsibility begins at the subdivision delivery location and ends at your property.

Water customers must manage their entire scheduled water deliveries, help conserve water and prevent flooding. Failure to do so may result in revocation of program participation.

Have questions?

Call the SRP Water Contact Center at (602) 236-3333.

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