Viewing the irrigation schedule on My Account

To view your irrigation schedule online using your SRP My Account, follow the steps below.

You can also download a printable version Document is a PDF of these instructions.

You may user either the "Quick View" function or login to your My Account profile to view the irrigation schedule.

To use "Quick View:"


Go to the the home page of the SRP website.


Use any of the "Quick View" links highlighted to quickly view the irrigation schedule without having to login.

* To protect customer privacy, this view contains only addresses and scheduled times. To access the schedule with customer names, log in to your My Account profile.


Enter your account number, and you have the option to "View My Schedule." You can also view your entire subdivision's schedule by clicking, "View Subdivision Schedule."

To view the schedule using your My Account profile:


Go to the My Account logon page and log in.


In the "Water" section, click "View Schedule" in the Water Delivery Schedule box.


To view the complete subdivision schedule, click "View Subdivision Schedule."