Managing subscription information on My Account

You can manage your subscriptions via My Account.


Go to the My Account logon page and log in.


Select the "Manage Account" tab, then select "Preference Center".


In the Water account maintenance section, click "Manage your emails, phone numbers and subscriptions."


To receive electronic notifications, first select which notifications you wish to receive. Available subscriptions include:

  • Water Delivery Schedule Notice: Notification of your next scheduled water delivery date and time.
  • Facility Notices: Notifies you when your account is impacted by a private system issue that requires attention/repairs.
  • Order Reminders: Reminder to place your water order 2 days before the order deadline.
  • Delivery Reminders: Receive a reminder 24 hours prior to a scheduled water delivery.
  • One Hour Notification Text: Notifies you one hour before you scheduled water delivery.

Next, select any email addresses or phone numbers displayed in the dropdown. As you select "Subscribe", they will be moved up underneath the "Currently subscribed contacts" section. To unsubscribe, simply click the X.