Important irrigation terms defined

14-day and 28-day schedule:
During the summer months, SRP schedules subdivision deliveries approximately every 14 days. During the winter months, subdivision deliveries are scheduled approximately every 28 days, with the exception of the annual canal maintenance period when no deliveries are scheduled.

Acres or Acreage:
The lot size for an account, rounded to the nearest 1/5 acre, for accounts of 1 acre or below.

A geographical region within the SRP irrigation delivery system.

Every 28 days during the winter and every 14 days during the summer.

Available to order:
The amount of water your account currently has available to order, in hours and minutes. This amount does not include water entitlements not yet purchased.

An earthen ridge that encircles and holds water on irrigated property.

Board location:
The location of the board where the subdivision hangback sheet is posted and picked up.

Breather pipe or valve:
A breather pipe or valve is a tall pipe or valve at the end of a pipeline that allows air to escape when the pipeline is filling with water. Pipelines that have no method of relieving this air pressure can be dangerous and could damage the system.

Canal-Lateral-Gate (C-L-G):
The delivery path of the water for your account. The C-L-G is represented with a specific number sequence. The first numbers within this sequence refer to the canal used to deliver your water, the second set refers to your specific lateral and the third set refers to your irrigation delivery gate.

CFS - Cubic Feet per Second:
This is the measure of how much water is flowing past a certain point in one second. 1 CFS=448 gallons per minute=40 miner's inches.

Cycle or cycle day:
SRP's system of grouping subdivisions together to help schedule irrigation deliveries in a more efficient manner.

Delivery gate:
An SRP delivery gate is an opening in the side of a ditch or pipe that controls the discharge of water into a secondary system. The SRP delivery gate is the end of the SRP system and the start of the neighborhood system.

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Delivery location:
The location where SRP's responsibility ends and your responsibility begins. This is typically at the SRP irrigation delivery gate.

Ditch sequence:
SRP assigns a sequential number to each irrigation account in a subdivision. This number, known as a ditch sequence, determines your place on the irrigation schedule.

Ditch-time is the SRP-determined length of time it takes for water to travel from one point to another within the neighborhood system.

Gauge, staff gauge or weir:
This instrument is used to measure the flow of water past a certain point.

Hangback sheet:
The irrigation schedule posted on the SRP neighborhood board. The hangback sheet provides the irrigation shareholder with the capability to view their irrigation schedule and write in their next water order.

Head or head-size:
Head is referred to as the quantity of water ordered and delivered to shareholders. Head-size is measured in miner's inches.

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Last order:
The duration of your last water order, displayed in hours and minutes.

Maximum Allotment:
The maximum amount of time your account is allowed to order for each subdivision run.

Miner's inch:
Miner's inch is a standard flow rate used for most SRP deliveries. In Arizona, one miner's inch equals 11.22 gallons per minute.

On order:
On order is the term SRP uses to indicate that the correct amount of water is being delivered at the SRP gate.

Ordering method:
Order online or write your requested duration time in the "Next Order" column on the neighborhood sign up sheets.

An identifier of five or more characters that you created during your online irrigation registration process. A password is used in combination with your user name to provide secure access to our online water ordering application.

This refers to a combination of specific information that was entered by you when registering for online irrigation access. Your profile will allow you to place, change or cancel a water order through SRP's Web site. It includes your account number, name, address, phone number, user name, password, verification question-and-answer and e-mail address.

A shareholder is an owner of member land within the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association service territory. Member lands are lands that were pledged as collateral for the construction of the SRP dams, canals and water distribution systems and have voting rights for the governance of the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association.

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Short head:
A short head occurs when the flow rate from the SRP delivery gate is less than what was scheduled.

Special irrigation notice:
An announcement containing information related to your account or subdivision that is provided to help call attention to a situation that affects your irrigation delivery, or notifies you to take further action, such as contacting SRP Water Customer Services Office for additional information.

Standbox or standpipe:
These structures contain the gates and valves which divert the water in the neighborhood irrigation system.

Start time:
The date and time your water delivery starts, displayed in hours and minutes.

Stop time:
The date and time your water delivery stops, displayed in hours and minutes.

Strong head:
A strong head occurs when the flow rate from the SRP delivery gate is greater than what was scheduled.

Townsite lands operate under a special contract that provides a limited amount of water annually based on the lands' historic water rights. Townsite account numbers begin with 095xxxx and operate on a water balance basis.

User name:
An identifier that you choose during the initial online registration process that is used to access the water order application. The user name must consist of all alphanumeric characters and contain no spaces.

Your order:
The field displaying the duration of your current irrigation order, displayed in hours and minutes.

Water balance account:
Subdivision accounts larger than one acre and Townsite accounts operate on a water balance basis. The annual amount of water available to each water balance account varies based on the specific water rights assigned to the land. Water balance accounts receive a monthly water statement that provides a detailed summary of their annual water entitlement and water use.

Zanjero (pronounced sahn-hair'-oh) is a Spanish term meaning ditch-rider. Zanjeros are the SRP field employees who regulate and measure irrigation flows in the SRP water distribution system, including the operation and measurement of the SRP delivery gates.

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