Irrigation system education

Expert help and support for your irrigation needs

Your private system is an asset, and protecting your system is one goal of our Field Services Liaisons. Liaisons are in the community daily and have extensive knowledge of irrigation. Here are just a few of the services they offer:

  • Schedule your water deliveries
  • Provide an overview of water delivery systems
  • Coordinate dry-ups
  • Provide additional education for customers who need a better understanding of how the water delivery system works
  • Help identify irrigation system issues
  • Provide recommendations for system improvements and repairs

Scheduling an appointment

Whether you are new to irrigation or are looking for more in-depth information, call us at (602) 236-3333 to schedule an appointment with your Field Services Liaison.

Meeting with your Field Services Liaison is encouraged for anyone who is interested in ensuring the entire neighborhood's irrigation delivery is completed correctly and in helping to resolve disputes over common, private irrigation controls.

What to expect when meeting with your Field Services Liaison

Appointments with your Field Services Liaison typically last about one hour and are available for both new and experienced customers. Spanish-language is also available. Topics you can learn about include:

  • operating a yard valve
  • ordering water
  • following the neighborhood schedule
  • handling irrigation emergencies
  • in-depth information about your irrigation system, including operation of private ditches, pipes and gates

More irrigation help

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