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Request a canal special event license

Want to host an event along an SRP-managed canal? We want to help make it possible. Here you’ll find steps for getting your special event license.

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    Get familiar with what’s allowed

    We allow one- to two-day events along the canals, including public events, festivals, performances, charitable benefits, ​​educational gatherings and more.  

    Events longer than two days will be assigned a fee (to be determined based on your event).  

    For the sake of canal safety, we ask that you keep motorized vehicles away. We do not allow any motorized vehicles of any kind on the canals. 

    Fees and licensing

    • There may be an administrative fee of $250 per day if your event is commercial or lasts longer than two days.
    • This license is for site use only and does not include equipment or facilities.
    • A Certificate of Insurance is always required for any event on the canal. Once we’ve received your application (the form is a short scroll away), we’ll give you all the details.

    Still have questions?  

    Get in touch with SRP’s Land Department at landinformation@srpnet.com.

    Apply for your special event license

    Request your special event license using the application below.  

    Processing can take seven to 10 working days. Please note that applications cannot be processed more than six months in advance.

    Step 1 of 3: Enter requestor information

    (NOTE: There may be an administrative fee of $250 per day if event is commercial in nature, or use is longer than two days, based on SRP approval of Special Use License. For longer periods, fee will be adjusted.)

    Event status:

    ** NOTE: Please allow 7 - 10 working days for processing of Special Use License. No applications processed more than 6 months in advance **

    If you have any questions regarding the application process or timeline for approval, please contact SRP’s Land Department by phone, at (602) 236-8739 or by email.

    E-mail address is required.

    Property information

    Please describe in detail the type of the event (i.e., event, marathon, overflow parking, etc.) to take place on SRP property, include any details describing set up for the event. Please note that motorized vehicles are prohibited on the canals with the exception of non-motor-assisted pedal bicycles.

    This license is for the use of the site only and does not include equipment or facilities.

    Insurance information

    There is a Certificate of Insurance requirement, depending on your requested event. Further information will be provided upon receipt of your request.

    If you have any questions regarding this request, please contact SRP's Land Department by phone, at (602) 236-8739 or by email.