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Enjoy the canal banks safely

SRP's 131-mile system of canals delivers water to a large portion of the Valley. And that is what canals are designed for — to efficiently carry water. They are not meant for swimming.

Recreational use is only appropriate when it is consistent with these functions and with SRP's ongoing operations and maintenance activities. These operations and maintenance activities may pose hazards to canal bank users.  If you use the canal banks, be sure you are aware of the hazards. Use of the canal banks is done at the user's own risk. SRP cannot represent that the canal banks are safe for any recreational use.

Safety tips

If you are going to walk, jog or bike along the canals, be sure you know how to do so safely. Canals can be very dangerous, so please follow these canal safety tips to avoid drowning or injury:

  • Don't swim in canals — ever!
  • Keep a safe distance from the edges of the canals.
  • Canal sides are extremely slick, making it difficult to get out.
  • Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing and tubing are not allowed in the canals.
  • Make sure to teach children about canal safety.
  • Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the canal banks (authorization from SRP is required)
  • Stay away from automated equipment at water delivery gates.
  • Never jump in to rescue pets or retrieve objects such as toys. Call 911 for help.
  • Secure permission from SRP before using canal banks for any kind of event.
  • Camping and fires are not allowed on the canal banks.